River2Sea New Crankbait... See what it catches in action VIDEO

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River2Sea New Crankbait... See what it catches in action VIDEO

Postby WB Staff » Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:37 pm

We're thrilled to announce our brand new crankbait! The Tactical DD Crankbait 75 is designed for cold water, Winter bass fishing. We partnered with River2Sea on this project to develop a bait that would catch MONSTER bass in the coldest temperatures. Are you tired of dragging worms and jigs all Winter? You're going to love this crank!

In 2011 Matt and Tim realized what we thought we knew about bass behavior in cold water was incomplete. To their surprise, under the right conditions, big bass would aggressively hunt and feed, even in near freezing water conditions. Through years of study and experimentation they began identifying key vibrations that would consistently trigger an aggressive feeding response in these bass. To their amazement, the biggest bass in the schools were the most likely to react!

Fast forward and we arrive at the Tactical DD Crankbait. The guys combined a unique sound profile with incredible fish-catching paint schemes, added a bill shape that fishes well at a variety of diving depths while deflecting off cover with ease, and created a perfect package for targeting big bass in cooler water temperatures. As an added bonus they stumbled on this bait's surprise ability to catch fish at virtually any water temperature when baitfish are present!!

The same sound and vibration combination that works well in cold water also causes a remarkable feed response when bass are actively targeting baitfish. The bait "feels" like a lipless crankbait in the water but has the ability to make abrupt stops and starts that elicit incredible reactions. With this second approach, this "cold water bait" instantly became a year round producer!

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