Al Fong: How to Win a "Cash Seat" at Yamamoto's Big Bass Challenge

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Al Fong: How to Win a "Cash Seat" at Yamamoto's Big Bass Challenge

Postby AnglersPress » Wed Sep 22, 2021 5:01 pm

If you know anything about Al know he can catch the big ones!

Over 60 checks will be handed out at the 11th annual Yamamoto Big Bass challenge taking place Oct 2-3rd on the California Delta - at Russo's Marina, as every hour, for 6 hours - for 2 days, anglers will have the opportunity win big money for the SIX biggest fish of each hour!

But this is no ordinary tournament where the heaviest 5-fish limit gets the gold.


Strategy and a good "Angling IQ" will play a major part in achieving success - and cashing a check, for as they say in Texas Hold Em Poker..."You gotta know when to hold em'...and know when to fold em", meaning every hour could be completely different and a simple 1.5 pound "keeper" bass could get you a seat...and a bunch of cash!

In the video below delta "Guru" Alan Fong - GM at the Fisherman's Warehouse in Rancho Cordova talks about what HE WOULD USE, to get a seat - and cash a check....if he were participating in this exciting event:

Registration is now open for this exciting event, and you can do so by clicking on the link below:

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