APEX-Series Pros talk Yamamoto Big Bass Strategies - VIDEO

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APEX-Series Pros talk Yamamoto Big Bass Strategies - VIDEO

Postby AnglersPress » Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:42 am

There's BAD News...and there is GOOD news..

The BAD News?... is that the exciting APEX Championship event taking place on the California Delta in mid October, has off-limits parameters that will preclude some of the best delta-lovin' anglers from attending this weekend's annual Yamamoto Big Bass event.

The GOOD news?... is that your chances at grabbing one of the over 60 checks given out over the 2-day event, will be a lot more easier to get with so many "Delta Sticks" now out of the picture!

But these are APEX-level pros, and as such, are always willing to share knowledge with any angler willing to listen and learn. Here is what a few of the top APEX-series pros have to say about how you can maximum your opportunities for a better chance of winning a CASH seat in this weekend's event.


Click on the video link below to find out what Ken Mah would do to win a CASH seat in this event!



My kids and I have fished this event since it's inception 11-years ago, and trust me, it is THE most fun event of the year, as EVERYONE has a chance to win some money...and be an hourly hero!

Every year, my "go to" or "win a seat" bait has always been a Yamamoto Flappin Hawg in the crayfish colors. But if you are a novice, or will be bringing kids (like I do) and want to catch a lot of fish, the green pumpkin 4" Slim Yamasenko worm, rigged "Wacky" style on light line is your best choice, and will catch you tons of fish and perhaps a really big one!

Now go get em!

Zack Thompson - Apex-Series Pro

Travis Huckaby - "The Navionics Factor"

Hey Guys, I qualified for the APEX series championship and unfortunately will not be able to make the event, BUT if I could give any advice about how to win one of those 60 cash prizes to be handed out, it would be to make sure you know where to be, and when you need to be there based on reliable tide charts.

If you have confidence in let's say "falling" water and feel that's when you can catch fish, then its critical that you use the "Tides" feature on your Navionics card to ensure that you are where you need to be to maximize your time and catch fish.

If you need help with this feature please feel free to email me at:


Good luck everyone!

Travis Huckaby - APEX-series pro


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