Roy Hawk on the $200K Win, BBT Winners on the Pedro $20K Win

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Roy Hawk on the $200K Win, BBT Winners on the Pedro $20K Win

Postby WB Staff » Sun Oct 17, 2021 4:54 am

roy hawk us open winner 2021.jpg

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The 39th annual WON Bass US Open wrapped up Wednesday after being shortened one day due to high winds on Monday. Roy Hawk from Lake Havasu, AZ joins an elite group of anglers that have won the Open more than once. The MLF Bass Pro Tour angler picked up nearly $200,000 in cash and prizes including a new boat. We reserved our spot with Roy and he joins us live Saturday morning to give us the rundown on how he did it and the ups and downs of fishing across the country. We are tracking down several more of the top finishers for this week’s show as well.

Last weekend the BBT wrapped up another successful year with their championship on Lake Don Pedro and the winners Kevin Davidson and Bryan Cox took home the $20,000 stacked in nice bundles of 100’s. Bryan Cox joins us to tell us how they did it and how special this event was the team.

Future Pro Tour anglers hitting the water on the Sacramento River this Saturday remember it’s Salmon Season with lots of boats trolling and anchoring in the river and be aware of your 5mph zones up and down the river along with obstructions in the low water including wing dams……Be careful!

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