looking for Lower unit

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looking for Lower unit

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Found one. Please delete
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Re: looking for Lower unit

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I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this but Oh-Well. I have bought 3 SEI lower units and been quite happy. If you get a bad one it will probable give out in the 1st year ( 3 yr warranty ) I have one now on a 206 pro sx225 (don't tell them it a pro) on my Triton in MI for 2 years, yes I would prefer to go with a new factory on but for $1,000.00 on a power head that might go anytime, I'll take my chances. BTW I don't tournament fish or run my rigs that hard anymore. Also I always buy Tow USA. LOL
Yes I hate China stuff but I guess it's hard not to buy it. We all have cell phones.
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