Delta launch ramps

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Delta launch ramps

Postby BASSTUD » Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:24 pm

Getting tired of running all over the Delta. It was ok at first but now that i know my way around its gotten old so iv come up with a new strategy, I want to launch closer to the areas i wanna fish for two reasons. The first is to keep hours off the motor and the second is to stay in the areas i wanna fish and just jump around these areas and get to know them more intimently...ya know...find the spots within the spots.I normally launch outta Ladds, so far iv launched outta Tower Park and didnt like it, ramp is too steep and ya gotta get the right angle with the trailer too the boat. Launched outta Tracy Oasis, didnt have any problems there, launched outta paradise i think it was, there in Honker cut between Whites and Dissapointment and had hell trying to get the boat on straight, ramp is on a bit of a curve and is steep. Russos is fine, no problems there.Iv herd some of the ramps out there ya dont wanna get caught launching or trailering the boat on a low tide, havent encounterd that problem yet, maybe iv just been lucky and never hit any of the ramps at the wrong time and its a problem i dont wanna encounter. Im thinking about launching outta whiskey slough in the next day or two, is this ramp ok? any problems there??....
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Zak Elrite
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Re: Delta launch ramps

Postby Zak Elrite » Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:40 pm

I haven't heard of any ramps that you shouldn't launch out from during low tides. I'm pretty sure they have that in mind when they build(built) the ramps. Now with that said, I'm sure that some have a moderate amount of difficulty with regard to launching during certain tides. Whiskey slough is very easy to launch and recover IMHO. Good luck!
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Randy Walker
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Re: Delta launch ramps

Postby Randy Walker » Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:07 pm

I too have not really heard of any that you should not go out of on low tide...but then again I have not gone out of all of them either...
Here is a quick breakdown of the ones that I have used...
Ladd's: you know
Russo's: you know
Paradise Marina: off 8 mile road in Bishop Cut - good if fishing disappointment or whites - good 2 lane cement ramp with the left side being more steep at top of ramp.
King Island: off 8 mile (past Paradise) in Honker Cut: good for disapt, whites or running to the main river all the way to mildred area.
B&W Resort off HWY 12: real good 2-3 lane ramp with plenty of dock space. Great parking lot. Good if fishing north of HYW12 at the top of whites or even over to hog, syc or beaver sloughs if you don't like going out of tower park due to the tricky and VERY steep ramp.
Korths Pirates Lair: as if going to B&W Resort but pass that ramp/parking lot and continue down the levee road a couple miles. This ramp is only 1 lane with a very small dock and can be a little tricky until you get it down..but this ramp puts you very close to the main channel and only 10 minutes for Franks without having to drive all the way around via truck.
Hope this helps... very good idea to launch close to where you want to fish.. I have been doing this for a while now but try to factor the costs to tow the rig or run the rig..
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Re: Delta launch ramps

Postby ash » Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:49 pm

Randy covered it well, if I am fishing whites and Dissapointment i launch out of Paradise - off of 8 mile this is a good launch ramp and I have never had issues here. If I am fishing the MO or mid delta I launch out of B&W - great facility no problems.

These are the two that I respectivley launch from 90% of the time when I am not fishing tournaments as I live in Sac.

Ladds out of Stockton - nice launch, but it is in stockton
Russos for Bethel Island and as a back up Sugar Barge - my preference is to give Chuck my money if im on that side of the river as he and his crew are always there for us tournament anglers.

I have had to pick up my boat out of King Isle and Honkers - NO THANKS - i wouldnt launch here intentionally - the same with Tower Park - just too steep and small of an area for my rig.
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mac (Doyle McEwen)
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Re: Delta launch ramps

Postby mac (Doyle McEwen) » Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:23 pm

The absolute three best ramps for ease of launching and recovery are Ladds in Stockton, Brannon Isle, and Orwood..Now that is not to say any of the other launch ramps are not good or that their service is bad..They most certainly are not..Russo's is also excellent, although you can only launch two boats at a time..Current can be a factor there for both launch and recovery..That problem is non-existant at Ladds and Orwood and somewhat reduced at Brannon..If you want to fish all the way down south, Tracy Oasis isn't all that bad..There are numerous small launch ramps, most are adequate..Del's (Rivers End) has good launch facilities although their parking is somewhat limited..Lazy M is kind of out of the way and not the best parking, but your vehicle is fairly secure there, as they always have someone in attendance..Launching close to where you plan on fishing is a good way to save on boat gas and wear and tear on your engine..No doubt others will chime in on other ramps, their pluses and their minuses..Generally speaking those that cater to the tournaments tend to be better over all facilities especially those that are well staffed such as Russo's..

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Re: Delta launch ramps

Postby tunaman » Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:49 pm

But you can't beat the service and hospitality at Russo's, especially on derby day! Not to mention the amenities - onsite camping, plenty of parking, covered slips, dry storage with tractor launch, and last but not least the Hook Line and Sinker on the dock, along with gas pumps!

Oh, and conveniently two or three doors down from the Rusty Porthole!


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Sacto John
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Re: Delta launch ramps

Postby Sacto John » Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:09 am

Having a smaller boat with a limited range I always try to launch near what I am going to fish.

Pretty much every thing has been covered here. B&W, Paradise Point, Ladds, and Whiskey Slough are all good ramps that will put you close to productive areas of the delta. If I am going to fish Hog, Beaver I launch at Wimpy's or New Hope. When fishing Big Break, Franks, or chasing stripers out on the San Joaquin I will launch at Eddo's as it is a bit closer to Sacramento then Russo's or the marina at Big Break and I don't have to pay the toll coming back home. Eddo's is a small narrow ramp though I am not sure I would suggest it for guys with 20+ footers.

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