Gary Dobyns helps you prepare for the 5th annual Big Bass Challenge event!

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Gary Dobyns helps you prepare for the 5th annual Big Bass Challenge event!

Postby AnglersPress » Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:00 pm


SACRAMENTO, Ca. - As the annual Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge quickly approaches (June 6th and 7th), rest assured that many anglers are dilligently combing through areas on the California Delta where they think big bass live, anxiously preparing strategies on how to get their hands on one of the 62 cash awards that will be handed out over two days, in what has quickly become one of the most fun and exciting events to be held anywhere in the western United States.

Strategy, preparation, and focus will be part of every angler's arsenal for this event, and when it comes to those kinds of attributes, you would be hard pressed to find any better than the west's all-time money winner Gary Dobyns, who will take time from his busy schedule to make a special trip to the Guns, Fishing, and Other Stuff in Vacaville on Thursday, June 4th, to conduct an informative seminar designed to help you catch Big Bass on the delta in the mid spring using any of the great Yamamoto baits.

“I can’t tell you the amount of money I have won over the years using these quality baits in just about every situation and condition imaginable”, noted the 2009 U.S. Open champion and western angling icon. The bite on the delta in early May should be wide open, and the opportunity to catch a big bass and win some big cash - for a low entry fee, using Yamamoto baits has never been better.”

That Gary’s promotional schedule is light-years beyond hectic, and takes him to more places across the country than you can imagine, this seminar provides a fantastic and RARE opportunity for you to receive some up close and personal instruction from a legendary angler that can help you find success (and maybe win some cash) in this year's Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge event.

What Gary will cover in this seminar:

· How to rig a Senko for MAXIMIUM effectiveness

· Yamamoto’s single tail, split tail, and Hula grubs – where, which, and when to use

· Line choices for Yamamoto baits: Mono, Fluorocarbon, or Braid – Does it really matter?

· Rod choices: The importance of quality components and proper balance

· Hooks: The right hook for the right bait

· Color: Important or obsession?

· Tournament strategies: Creating a plan to stay focused

In addition, refreshments will be served, with tons of in-store specials for Yamamoto baits, PLUS someone in attendance will win a FREE one-day entry into the 2015 Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge event!

This seminar starts at 6:00pm SHARP, and will for sure be crowded, so get to the store early to ensure you secure a good front row seat, and hear one of the best and most accomplished anglers in the west.

See you all there!

Angler’s Press

For more information about the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge event or to get signed up, visit or call 916-768-0938
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Re: West's all-time money winner helps you prepare for the 5th annual Big Bass Challenge event!

Postby mark poulson » Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:05 pm

Isn't that Richard's dad?
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Gene Buchholz
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Re: Gary Dobyns helps you prepare for the 5th annual Big Bass Challenge event!

Postby Gene Buchholz » Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:05 pm

I don't really see the resemblance Richard is much better looking.

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