Kramer's Top-40 for 2015

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Kramer's Top-40 for 2015

Postby WB Staff » Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:12 pm

Take nothing away from our skilled cadre of tournament anglers—well, maybe just a little. This year there just was no unbeatable, don’t-even-bother-to-try, indisputable competitors to dominate on the California Top 40 Bass Angler List. For that very reason, you can roll out the red [deck] carpet for 2015’s very best–Matt Allen!

Each year, with diverse help statewide from the Bass Angler Assessment Team (BAAT) we try to discern the very best throughout the Golden State and present them on the Top 40. And by virtue of that effort, Allen, who paraded an almost unimaginable number of trophy largemouth and spotted bass from the likes of Clear Lake, Berryessa, the Delta and even the under-rated Bullard’s Bar, is the man in the spotlight. He’s clearly #1.

Still, a few words about the ranking process. One, of course, it is incalculable. You knew that.

Two, competitive anglers, since they do not face each other in all regions, are generally rated in their particular group of tournament peers. Quite apparently, this affected those labeled “Elite.” Since an Alabama angler (yes, former Cali pro Aaron Martens) almost lapped the field, the resulting “highest finishing Californians” designation was just not that impressive.

Then there was the problem of multi-tour performances. These cut both ways. Good in one and poor in another is hard to quantify. In some cases, we also had look for a boost from a stand-alone event, either a championship or showcase event. However, we tended not to penalize fishermen for a lesser finish in these, since they were one-and-done in nature.

Turn it anyway you like (or don’t like, for that matter) here are the 40 best from the Golden State:
1.MATT ALLEN, Vacaville—He’s been moving steadily up the ladder over the last few years and the combination of remarkable catches on four different waters and less-than-stellar showing by the state’s touring pros opened the door.
2.BRENT EHRLER, Newport Beach—As long as he can cast, Ehrler will challenge for the top spot. He gets the nod her over number three on the strength of his “Rookie of the Year” finish in the Elites.
3.CHRIS ZALDAIN, San Jose—When he’s good, he’s very good and Zaldain held up well this year against the top national circuit’s contenders.
4.SKEET REESE, Auburn—Not his best year, but still another solid finish among the Elites. Too bad the Bassmasters fill out his calendar (and the rest) like a child care provider.
5.DAVID VALDIVIA, Norwalk—With Joe Uribe, Jr. escaping to Arizona, this guy’s Western Rayovac finish (#2) pushed him high on the list.
6.ISH MONROE, Hughson—Could argue that his 7th place on the FLW Tour and top 50 Elite finish would place him higher. But it doesn’t matter.
7.KYLE GROVER, Trabuco Canyon—Had a chance for a very special year, but it just didn’t happen. Top 10 in the state, though, and that ain’t bad.
8.CODY MEYER, Auburn—You’d think winning $71,000 on the FLW Tour would get you something. It got him 13th there, but even higher in the Golden State.
9.WAYNE BREZEALE, Kelseyville—Some would say too high, but you can’t penalize for what he didn’t fish. And 3rd in the California Open.

Entire list here: ... ia-top-40/

g man
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Re: Kramer's Top-40 for 2015

Postby g man » Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:19 am

Very cool Matt Allen; couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! To be able to share with others so much inside information and still maintain his own shows how deep Matt's fishing skills are. Congratulations to all the other great California sticks to make the grade! Sincerely, g man

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Re: Kramer's Top-40 for 2015

Postby Gene Buchholz » Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:26 am

Congrats to Wayne B. on 9th place. It's not high enough. Wayne is a true sportsman and someone to look up to not only by the other anglers but also our younger generation.
I'm proud to call him my best friend.

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Re: Kramer's Top-40 for 2015

Postby reddog » Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:37 am

Neat list. IDK how many people are screaming about their own top 10 list but thats something that could be argued to death. Either way congrats to everyone on the list and especially Matt who as mentioned gives UP information regularly and still manages to find monsters. IDK Wayne personally but if Gene says good thats all the info I need, I do know Waynes on the list of people whos names I DONT want to see on the list when I'm fishing against them!

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