30 Tungsten Flipping weights ship for $28

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30 Tungsten Flipping weights ship for $28

Postby Motleyfishing » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:29 am

Get 30 Tungsten Flipping or worm weights shipped for $28
You will get 10 of 1/8 , 3/16 and 1/4 shipped for $28 get in black or green pumpkin flipping or worm weights.

Other great low prices available on most sizes

1/8 .75
3/16 1.00
1/4 1.15
3/8 1.50
1/2 1.90
Above all available in Green pumpkin and Black Worm and Flipping weights

Below available in Black flipping only
3/4 2.90
1.0 3.85
1.5 4.75

97% pure tungsten
Chip resistant paint.. these bad boys will not chip.. been selling for over 2 years not one complaint
Polished inside and out.. will not fray the line no need for insert

Have Bobber stops as well

Also have Tungsten drop shot weights in 4 styles

Either contact here or Email me at Motleyfishing@yahoo.com

If you need to talk to me email me and request my number.
Tungsten 1.jpg
all drop shot.jpg
30 flipping weight package.jpg

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