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Our Living Delta: An Online Benefit

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 6:59 pm
by WB Staff

From the Restore the Delta
Join us on Friday June 4th at 6 PM for Our Living Delta: An Online Benefit!
This benefit is so important because it is for the recovery for our organization and will support the work that we are doing for the estuary.
At it, you will hear directly from people we work with on the ground about what is it we are accomplishing at Restore the Delta, what our future goals are, and how we want to bring about improvements for the estuary. We have equipment that we have to acquire and funding needed for additional staff, so that we can meet our goals and start working on water quality issues at a deeper level. We will have online auction items, prizes for donations, Delta music, Delta art, visits with tomorrow’s leaders, and more. We’re even going to have online wine tasting!
This is the best way we can share with you the work that we are doing while keeping our community safe as we begin to recover in the Delta and in California.
Register and donate here today: