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Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:22 pm
by Stisubieb
Hi guys. Newbie boat owner here. Took my 89 ranger out this weekend and the trolling motor suddenly quit working. I didnt hit anything or get tangled up. I have a few questions if anyone can guide me.

It's a 24v trolling motor. When I tested the wires behind the mom/off/con it reads 12v. Not sure if it should be 24v.

When I tested the speed controller wires I got 0. So assuming there is not power there that switch could need replaced. Also there is a 3rd switch or maybe a splitter connected between the speed controller and pedal switch. That didnt have power.

Both batteries readying 12v. (Yes they are hooked up correctly.) I have taken this boat out many times. First problem. All fuses are good.