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Electrical power dependence

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2021 8:53 pm
by WRB
This is my 1st political post based on electrical power outage.
It’s hard to imagine how dependent we are to electrical power until it’s gone.
The home runs on electrical power. Your natural gas cooking doesn’t work without power to trip the values to ignite gas using a match, no gas flow.
No hot water without electrical power. No modems for internet connection. You need battery back up for simple combinations.
No wind no power, no sun no power, no hydro no power, no natural gas no heat. No electrical power no refrigeration, no power no gasoline. We are dependent on fuel.
I grew up with well water, wood stove and fire place in So cal mountains, not some remote wilderness. No dependence on electrical power, couldn’t survive today without my emergency inverter generator today.
What is this generation thinking? Green power.....doesn’t exist.