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Virus questions maybe the fed can answer

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 1:17 pm
by Senkosam
Our economy is shutting down, unemployment could reach near 20 % which means unpaid bills such as food, rent/mortgage, insurance, college costs, etc., etc. and a slew of other serious national problems.
Fine and good to suggest this will be over in a month (much less Easter), it's another to face reality.

1. People can't go back to work unless they've been tested and maybe retested or they could infect others even if they show no symptoms. Testing units are still in short supply in most states and need to be mass produced and distributed by the millions until an antibody vaccine is discovered and tested.

2. A vaccine could take a few months to see if it cures the disease and covers other strains. The malaria cure and others could be dangerous without proper testing over time on many subjects. To suggest otherwise is dangerous and shows incompetence.

3. Funding to help small businesses vs large banks is necessary and Obama made the mistake of sending billions to large banks in 2008 making worse than should have been. Sending checks to taxpayers as well as the tax cuts are a joke and little of it will stimulate the economy if the funds are used for the basics such as food, medical and gas.

4. What kills the virus around the house or on objects. Listerine, Lysol, alcohol, simply using soap? Public education is seriously lacking and there are no credible sites to find out.

5. The virus is spreading in nursing homes across the country. A local one near where I live had 10 new cases and 3 deaths. Where is the legislation to protect the elderly?

Same goes for service men and women in uniform such as what happened on the aircraft carrier. How about basic training dorms? (My bed was only a few feet from the next guy and we ate next to each other in the chow hall.) Will the NCO's be tested ?(especially the ones that shout in your face?) Will new recruits be required to be tested and wear protective gear if found positive for the virus in basic training ?

Prisoners in jails need protection no different than anyone else - especially those that are overcrowded. What's in place to make sure the spread is contained in those close quarters?

The VA hospital I retired from found has new virus cases. Some have died in larger veteran hospitals. Who's protecting our sick vets ? (I was asked to come out of retirement to work and knowing the incompetence in the VA, said thanks but no thanks.)

Speaking of hospital and prevention, when will masks be mass produced and available to the public? What kind of masks work better? How about the mass production and distribution of gowns, ventilators, gloves and respirators, etc ? Other than GM, what other company will be mandated to produce the above?

Can gloves, gowns and masks be sterilized somehow and reused ?

6. Obamacare did help thousands but is now closed. What alternative is there for our citizens that have lost their jobs and benefits? Who will pay the astronomical costs of doctor bills, ER, inpatient stays, surgery, medicine, etc. The fed nor state governments seem to be saying much.

7. Food supplies are a big problem for those unemployed whether single earner or a couple that have nothing to fall back on. Food lines are miles long in some towns and not universal state by state. Who's doing what to alleviate the situation?

8. When will voters wake up for Chrise sake? If their leaders are giving them misinformation and false hope when they should be addressing the above truthfully and competently - why would anyone want to re-elect them !!???

There's a bunch more questions and I could go on and on, but you git the gist.

Re: Virus questions maybe the fed can answer

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 5:02 pm
by Lawley
The feds are the only ones doing anything at all
What have the governors done other that take away our rights and turn the states into police states ?