WDFW's Plan to Remove Limits on Bass in Rivers

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WDFW's Plan to Remove Limits on Bass in Rivers

Postby ttb31183 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:10 am


The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife recently released an announcement that they were trying to simplify their fishing rules. This sounds like a great idea because their rules pamphlet is like a textbook. There are many one-off rules for different waters and exceptions and special seasons. These can be barriers for new people getting involved with fishing because it can be so confusing.

Hidden in their ideas was a plan to remove all limits on bass, walleye and catfish in all rivers and streams in the state. This is already the rule for the Columbia River because they see bass and walleye as a threat to steelhead and salmon. As you can imagine, bass anglers were very upset about this change and many (including myself) feel like it is the next step towards complete removal of all limits on bass in every body of water.

I attended a public meeting Tuesday night and they continue to state that this is just to simplify the rules. One of the common themes from the audience was that they could just have a set limit and size requirements for bass across the state. How much more simple could that be?

If you are interested in making your voice heard, there is a form that you can use or follow this link to submit your comments. This is already happening in WA and OR and who know, California could be next.


Tyler Brinks

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