Weekend Striper report 3/3/18

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Weekend Striper report 3/3/18

Postby THE DR » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:58 am

Went out on Friday during the storms. It dumped rain off and on, but we stuck it out. Started off throwing the big glide baits for nada. Topwater...nada. Small swimbaits...nada. Finally took a look at the water temp and it was 49.5! Damn that's cold! Finally tied on a Megabass Vision 110 jerkbait in Clown color and immediately got bites. Put a couple 17" fish in the boat and got into the groove.

Pulled up to a spot that is known for holding big fish and hook up on the first cast. A nice 7lber comes to the net,only to shake off. I fire right back into the spot and wham! Another solid fish. Take my time and fight this one gingerly, since I only had small 2X hooks. And, I'm glad I did, we almost lost it a couple times. Few times around the boat and she slid into the net. I didn't weigh her, but she looked all of 18lbs.

We ran a few more spots and landed 8-10 more fish up to 5lbs, all on the jerkbait. The fish were cold and would only eat the lure when paused for 3-5 seconds.

We went back out Saturday morning to try and get back on em. Had a solid 20lb fish on the DWB topwater plug throw the bait right at the net! That was it, conditions went post frontal at 8am and we never got another bite. Off the water at 11am.

Good start to the spring run. I'm looking forward to the next couple months.



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Re: Weekend Striper report 3/3/18

Postby ILW » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:30 pm

Nice stiper! Thanks for sharing the striper info.

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