19.81 to Win Saguaro | Arizona Bass Federation Results February 24

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19.81 to Win Saguaro | Arizona Bass Federation Results February 24

Postby WB Staff » Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:46 pm


Here are the results for, “The Arizona Bass Federation” Qualifier #1 at Saguaro Lake February 24th, 2018. Had a cold start to our day at Saguaro Lake before the weather finally warmed up and so did the fishing! We had a total of 40 anglers competing.

Congratulations to our 1st place boater, Jesse Parks, with 19.81lbs and our 1st place co-angler, Mike Whitlock, with 10.64lbs. Big fish honors went to Scott Brown with a 7.25lb Large Mouth.
Thank you to all our anglers and partners for joining us to make this a great day!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our 2nd qualifier on May 12th, 2018 at Lake Pleasant!

The Arizona Bass Federation Saguaro Lake February 24, 2018 tournament results:

Boater Place Weight Co-Angler Place Weight

Jesse Parks 1st 19.81 lbs Mike Whitlock 1st 10.64 lbs
Jim Sandy 2nd 16.20 lbs Taj White 2nd 10.38 lbs
Scott Brown 3rd 14.14 lbs Al Blodgett 3rd 9.11 lbs
James Fisher 4th 13.08 lbs Jason Stenton 4th 8.60 lbs
Richard Vizcarra 5th 11.48 lbs Loway Shammas 5th 7.11
Chris Cook 6th 11.30 lbs Jaron Kitchen 6th 6.31 lbs
Steve Lund 7th 10.97 lbs Chris Battershell 7th 4.94
Tom Geffert 8th 10.93 lbs Steve Mawson 8th 4.85
Steven Boyce 9th 10.53 lbs Jose Lopez 9th 4.18 lbs
Jason Blauvelt 10th 9.69 lbs Larry White 10th 3.39 lbs
Gabe Hernandez 11th 9.12 lbs Bryce Bigalow 11th 2.88 lbs
Chad Davis 12th 8.16 lbs Alex Palumbo 12th 2.36 lbs
Jose Aguilera 13th 7.63 lbs Mike Miles 13th 2.17 lbs
Charlie Ponder 14th 7.38 lbs Niko Romero 14th 1.47 lbs
Kyle Coppinger 15th 6.37 lbs Tom Parks 15th 0.00 lbs
Tim Roden 16th 5.48 lbs Scott Hastings 16th 0.00 lbs
Clarence Howten 17th 4.04 lbs Leland Bunbalow 17th 0.00
Dean Clayton 18th 3.99 lbs Tom Atherton 18th 0.00 lbs
Mike Sierra 19th 2.07 lbs Chad Frerker 19th 0.00 lbs
Murray White 20th DNF Trent Jorden 20th DNF

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