WON Cal Open - Konocti opening?

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WON Cal Open - Konocti opening?

Postby kraetzer » Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:22 am

Does anybody know if the hotel and the ramp will be open by the time the Cal Open starts. Have reservations their but know idea if I need to start looking somewhere else.

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Re: WON Cal Open - Konocti opening?

Postby WB Staff » Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:39 am

This is from Konocti Vista Casino

Konocti Vista Casino & Resort FIREWORKS and Phase 3 REOPENING UPDATE

Don’t miss the FIREWORKS EXTRAVAGANZA! Saturday July 4th!

Please enjoy the show while practicing social distancing.

Marina access is exclusive to Hotel Guests and VIP (Platinum & Gold) and Hotel Guests only.

Konocti Vista Casino & Resort, is pleased to officially announce that on July 1st, 2020, we will be moving into phase 3 of our reopening plan.

Phase 3 includes the reopening of the Hotel, RV Park, Valentino’s Restaurant, the Point Bar, Marina Bar and BBQ.

As with phase 2, we are continuing our phased approach of reopening and are following all policies, practices, and guidelines established by the CA Government, CDPH, CDC and OSHA.

The following are the modified hours, plus a detailed breakdown of the Safety Program for your reference.

As we move forward during this new now, we know it is an ever changing environment and you have questions, so please keep checking in by phone, text, website, and/or on our Facebook for the latest updates.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing all of you soon!


Konocti Vista Casino Management


Hotel/Front Desk : 9am – 11pm

RV Park/Front Desk : 9am-11pm

Valentino’s Restaurant: Sun-Thur 8am – 9pm and Fri-Sat 8am – 10pm

(limited dine in service)

Point Bar : Wed-Thur 2pm-Midnight and Fri-Sat 12pm-Midnight, Mon-Tues Closed

(Social distancing restrictions apply)

Marina Bar & BBQ : Fri 3pm-7pm, Sat 2pm-8pm and Sun 1pm-4pm, Mon-Thur Closed

(Outdoor dining – Social distancing restrictions apply)

Marina/Boat Launch/Fishing Tournaments:

We will be proceeding with opening the marina and the boat launch to the public.
Fishing Tournaments are being allowed with approved social distancing guidelines laid out between Konocti Vista Casino & Resort and the tournament directors.
We are asking spectators at this time to respect the guidelines and not attend weigh ins.

Casino: 8am – midnight

Players Club: Sun-Thur 8am -10pm and Fri-Sat 8am – midnight

Convenience Store: 8am – 8pm

Snack Shop: 10am – 11pm (Grab n Go Food) – Modified July 1st reopening

Orders can be placed via phone at (707)262-3247 or by guests in our safe distancing line in the casino.


Table Games

Event Center

Event Center Bar and Restaurant


Konocti Vista Casino Safety Program

We have implemented new safety enhancements for our guests and employees. From non-contact temperature screening, modifying the gaming floor to allow for social distancing, to requiring all guests and employees to wear face masks or face coverings before entering the casino. It was with much care and thought that we prepared these new safety measures and guidelines and we have outlined them in detail below for your consideration.

Employee & Guest Health Plan:The health and safety of our employees and guests is our number one priority.

Non-Contact Temperature Screening: Points of entry will be limited to allow our security team to conduct noninvasive temperature checks utilizing the Non-Contact Temperature device. Employees or guests confirmed to have a temperature over 99.5°F will not be allowed entry to the property and will be directed towards appropriate medical care.

Physical Distancing. Guests will be advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from other groups of people not traveling with them while standing in lines, using elevators or moving around the property. Slot machines and other physical layouts will be arranged to ensure appropriate distancing. Employees will be reminded not to touch their faces and to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from guests and other employees whenever possible. All resort outlets will comply with, or exceed, local or state mandated occupancy limits.

Gaming Distancing. KVC is utilizing a new software from our gaming system to create a social distancing gaming experience. All machines are active but in standby mode until money or a player’s club card is inserted. Once inserted the system will disable two machines to the right and left of the machine being used and is not usable if disabled. When guest cashes out or removes their players club card it will lock until cleaned and service. The system then sends an alert to the monitoring station indicating the machine needs to be cleaned. Once cleaned the machine will be sent back to standby and is ready to be played.

Hand Sanitizer. Hand sanitizer dispensers, touchless whenever possible, will be placed at key guest and employee entrances and contact areas such as driveways, reception areas, hotel lobbies, the casino floor, restaurant entrances, meeting and convention spaces and elevator landings.

Front of the House Signage. There will be health and hygiene reminders throughout the property including the proper way to wear, handle and dispose of masks. Table game electronic signs will also be used for messaging and communication.

Back of the House Signage. Signage will be posted throughout the property reminding employees of the proper way to wear, handle and dispose masks, use gloves (in positions deemed appropriate by medical experts), wash hands, sneeze and to avoid touching their faces.

Employee & Guest Health Concerns. Our employees have been given clear training and instructions on how to respond swiftly and report all presumed cases of COVID-19. We will be ready to provide support to our guests. Employees are instructed to stay home if they do not feel well and are instructed to contact a manager if they notice a coworker or guest with a cough, shortness of breath, or other known symptoms of COVID-19. Employees and guests who are exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 while at the property are instructed to immediately notify their manager (employees) or hotel security (guests).

Case Notification. If we are alerted to a presumptive case of COVID-19 at the resort, we will work with the SNHD to follow the appropriate actions recommended by it.

1 https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nc ... tions.html

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