Yak-A-Bass NorCal Fish and Chill 4/19 Tiki Lagun

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Yak-A-Bass NorCal Fish and Chill 4/19 Tiki Lagun

Postby Ring King » Tue Apr 14, 2015 1:57 pm

For you kayakers out there Yak-A-Bass NorCal will be having it's first ever fish and chill event at Tiki Lagun Resort and Marina on the Delta this coming Sunday. We won't be running this one as an official tournament but rather just a get together to see how this thing is going to go. We will meet up between 6 and 6:30am at the launch and be on the water no later than 7am. Fishing will be done till 3PM when we will all meet back at the marina for a little BBQ potluck and to go over techniques that worked and why they worked. We will be keeping talleys of the fish through a tournament scorecard that will be done CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) style on a measuring board. This will just be for bragging rights and to show folks that might be new to tournaments how things are done. In the future we are looking to transition to a low key low stress tournament format. The club is based around getting kayak bass fishermen of all skill levels together on the water to grow the sport and to help everyone catch fish. We have members that are brand new to kayaking, brand new to bass fishing, as well as seasoned anglers that have been around tournaments and kayak fishing their entire lives. Anyone that would like to come out and join us is welcome to it. We can be found on Facebook under Yak-A-Bass Norcal or on the web at yakabassnorcal.proboards.com/.

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