Adopt a Mono-Tube to Keep Fishing Line Out of Fishery

Help us keep discarded monofilament (fishing line) out of inshore waters. Discarded fishing line can be very dangerous to birds, marine life, and even boats - it is estimated fishing line will last 400-600 years in the environment before it begins to break down. You can help by adopting a monofilament recycling tube, AKA monotube, at one of these popular fishing locations listed below. Adoption involves monitoring your tube twice a month depending on the location. Once collected, the fishing line is sent to Berkley Fishing, where it is recycled into tackle boxes or other fishing equipment, as well as fish habitats!

Sites that need monitoring:
Pasco county: Bayfront Park, Waterfront Park, Brasher Park, Oelsner Park, Nicks Park, Sims Park Boat Ramp, Mariners Way, Anclote River Park, Gulf Harbors & Sea Forest

Click here to check out our map to see if a location is convenient for you!

Click here to contact Melinda Spall at with the site that you'd like to adopt.