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Summer 2016 Summer 2016 I can’t believe spring has already passed. WesternBass was happy to help cover many of our springtime events including the hourly weigh-in excitement of the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge on the California Delta and the Wild West Bass Trail’s California Teams championship on Clear Lake. We hope you enjoyed the live video coverage that we were able to bring to you from the water and the scales. It’s that time of the year again and ICAST is on in just a few weeks! Frog Master, Bobby Barrack and I will be returning to the show and running live video shots from the floor. I have already made several appointments with manufacturers and their pros to review the latest products they have to offer. We are both excited to see all the new items and share them with you! Next month will be the 15th annual Snag Proof Open -the Original Frog Tournament. You may recall that last years event had over 200 boats with a 100% payback of over $40,000. This year, Nate Chandler owner of Snag Proof is hoping to have over 300 boats and make this the biggest event out west, along with the biggest, two-day specialty tournament payout... Go Snag Proof! In September, there are many events that we are looking forward to. For all the Delta rats, we will have the kick off of the 2016-2017 season of the Hook tournaments, Dan’s Delta Outdoors will host their only Pro/Am of the season and Randy Pringle and the Best Bass Tournaments will bring us the return of BassFest. The 34th annual WON Bass U.S. Open will hit Lake Mead and early bird registration is already underway for this one! We also have the WWBT Lucas Oil Pro/Am western championship also at Lake Mead. All and all, the WWBT took off and never looked back. Great turnouts along with 100% payouts really attracted many of our best anglers and great competitor numbers. Next year’s events should only get better! This quarter, WesternBass has welcomed three new sponsors. Ben Green Insurance specializing in insurance for outdoor enthusiasts, Mystery Tackle Box featuring a fun and affordable way to discover new fishing products every month and Crossed Industries offering automotive accessories for anglers and angler sponsorship programs. Finally, I would like to thank all of you and all of our sponsors for supporting WesternBass!


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Clear Lake
Clear Lake By Clear Lake this week 8/22/2016 Lake level this week is 2.89 Rumsey, and it’s time to be really careful in and around boat ramps, and rock piles. All ramps are open and operating just fine. However, 2.5 Rumsey or so is where things start to get a bit dicey on some of the ramps around the lake. Just remember to trim up coming in and going out and you should be fine. Road closures from the past two weeks are all gone, though you may find construction zones all around the lake depending on the day and time of day. Lodging? Well, that’s where things are beginning to get a bit dicey as well. Apparently, KVCasino’s remodel is a bit behind schedule, and with the downtown renovations in Lakeport, the fire clean up in the Lower Lake area, the various Highway construction projects around the lake, and they assorted firefighting agencies and evacuees around the county, lodging is extremely tight. Will this continue into the Triton, and TOC tourney timeframes? I would think so, at least to the degree I would have a back-up plan or two already in place just in case. Options? There isn’t many. However, there is the Twin Pines Casino Hotel in Middletown, the Rancheria in Nice, and Blue Lakes resorts on Highway 20 west of Lakeport. Certainly most of this will depend on the progress at KVC and any remaining fire issues that may linger. Fishing? It remains better than normal, though it is beginning to slow just a bit. The topwater bite is finally beginning to pick-up with some consistency, as is the crankbait bite. Still I just can’t put the jig down, and with multiple 30lb days last week I don’t think I’m going to anytime soon. Water conditions continue to improve and are nearly fall like at this time, though surface conditions continue to hover around 85 degrees. Cooler nights this week will likely contribute to an even more improved topwater bite in the AM so I would still be prepared to throw it. Toads, Ploppers, and smaller buzzbaits are all getting bit right now. Have fun! ReelEx, your source for quality, professional service on your Shimano reels. Guaranteed 96 hr turnaround on service. 650-454-4938 www.reel-ex.com
California Delta
California Delta By Delta Report…. Overall slow but Stripers are starting to show This Weekend BIG Thank You for all those that came out last week for Oakley Kids Fishing Day Saturday August 13th at the Antioch-Oakley Pier. 77 smiling youngsters plenty of action and lots of pics here, Fish taco sized stripers are moving around Mildred Isleton Catfish are the best target species this time of year that can help you beat the summer doldrums . Anchovies, Mackeral and Sardines are good choices here for the whiskerfish. Still waiting as I Looked again for a few anxious Salmon anglers while there were only a few fishing finally started getting an occasional report of success from Salmon searching anglers. While the temperatures get ready to heat up again this weekend look for no change in the Salmon bite this week. Silvertron’s are the best bet for those who want to try. Walnut Grove Salmon showing, Mepp’s Flying c’s and Silvertrons. Bank anglers Pile worms and cut baits prevail. Catfish action is getting the most praise, Few Stripes are in the area as anglers recover still around as temperatures return more seasonable in the Walnut Grove area as the trolling bite is OK mostly small fish. Best area has been Courtland to Walnut grove. The Sacramento Turning Basin continues to be decent with stripes caught there by lure tossers. Red Eye Shad and small shad patterned plastics are the top choices here as well. Discovery Bay Really while we just had a nice stretch a couple cooler days ahead this next week there is hope for the Punch bite to be decent once again. VBO Golden Shiners are proving to be a rapidly growing favorite. Current and shade are the key. Punching is scoring bass on the main river points. Bass pushing the 4 to 6 mark are showing on occasion. Jig bite on points is also decent! West Delta More Anglers in search of stripers are finding a few keepers on occasion from both boat and bank. Most of the nice stripers coming soaking Sardines and Shad. Antioch Pier scored stripers to 36 inches this week. From as far west as Honker Bay to the Broad Slough and Antioch pier persistent bait dunkers with Mackeral and Sardines ae finding fun action. A few Salmon success stories have come on the incoming tide with Mepp’s Flying C’s . Bass Bite stays solid in the Break and surrounding cuts. Punching get’s the bites the key is staying square to your target and setting hard.

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