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HDS 9 and HDS 12 wont communicate?? by Basshopper Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:59 pm
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California Delta By Delta Report…Great Weather for #FishOakley as Pro-Am Anglers from throughout California head to Russo’s for the CTT Tournament Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Isleton Fun times as Smallies are grabbing baits throughout the area. Craw patterns are key. Summer night pattern prevails for bait tossing anglers. Catfish start to show in better numbers with Mackerel. Sardines and livers are the best bets for whisker fish. Striper Trolling and plug casting has been Improving the last few days. Trolling the Angry Eyes and Savage Preys is the best bet. Rio Vista- Warm seasonable weather ahead finally for anglers, and forecast to stay stable. Shore bound anglers are scoring both . The best place to score a striped bass or Whisker fish remains Three Mile and the area of the Power Lines, use Sardines or Shad. Trolling is still scoring many limits stripers and occasionally, a 10-12 pounder caught. Savage Prey and P-line Angry Eye lures are key for the trolling anglers. Walnut Grove North Delta Black and Smallmouth Bass in the area are a biting. Spinnerbaits and Swim jigs are working in the Hogback and Steamboat Areas. Bank anglers tossing Anchovies and Sardines prevail for an occasional Striper and nice catfish. Those looking for bigger bites try drifting live baits for stripers cracking the 10 pound plus keeps anglers smiling. Central Delta A few anglers are still scoring schoolie sized stripers in the Indian Creek side. Crankbaits are scoring bass on the main runway rock walls. Bass pushing the 4 to 6 mark are showing on occasion. While the winds have hampered there search a bit those targeting shaded current areas. Fatsack Tackle punch shirts and Gambler Plastics are great under utilized choices. With the wind Spinnerbaits and buzzbaits also are getting bit. Jig bite on points is also decent! Frank’s Tract Black bass bite is at a consistent yet, tougher than normal bite. While last week the talk was of Better post spawn fish swallowing the Big Worm. Many are sticking Bullworms and Yamamoto Senko’s paired with Tsuyoi Wacky Hooks. We are seeing a few big Black Bass with ¾ ounce Jigs. Others looking to score are starting to Toss DDO Fat Bluegill. West Delta Anglers in search of stripers are finding the bite to be tough but still those who stick with it are getting small keepers on occasion from both boat and bank. From as far west as Honker Bay to the Broad Slough and Antioch pier persistent bait dunkers with Anchovies and Sardines ae finding fun action. Sturgeon success has come on the outgoing tide with pile worms, eel and roe. Broad Slough, Bouy 1 and Pittsburg PG&E are good bets. Not great by any means but a fun way to spend the Hot summer evenings. Contra Loma –Try fishing for catfish at Channel Point, Loma Island or from a boat with nightcrawlers or chicken liver. Trout are biting on nightcrawlers at Channel Point, near the swim area, or from a boat. There was another Trout Plant last Monday. Try fishing for crappie or bluegill with jigs or worms at the boat ramp area, Loma Island or Channel Point area. Los Vaqueros Wind has been brutal at times. The Best bet is fishing with cut baits with all the hungry small stripers around. Trout are a bit slower but still caught in South Cove and Oak Point as well as Peninsula Cove. The baits of choice for shore anglers is garlic scented PowerBaits, nightcrawlers or Kastmasters. Trout average a pound and a half but range to over 5 lbs. Light tackle is important for catching trout with 4-6 pound test being plenty. With the continuing plants, trout fishing has been ok with some limits being caught from all around the reservoir. Del Valle Did Not Report. Provided by Dan’s Delta Outdoors, 1625 Main St Oakley CA 925/234-4694 Follow us on Facebook
Clear Lake By Clear Lake this week 6/22/2016 Interesting, this week we find the lake level has come up a bit and now rests at 5.50 Rumsey. What is Rumsey? Click here: http://www.westernbass.com/shared/mag_w ... index.html Water conditions continue to decline and yes, most of the lake is now green. However, as most anglers let this phenomena stop them from coming to Clear Lake in the summer, some realize it has little to nothing to do with catching fish, and in most cases can actually help the bite. This is actually the case as of this writing. The bite continues to improve despite the algae bloom. This week it appears that the fish are actually beginning to chase in earnest, and as this full moon decreases, that will most likely continue to be the case, and should actually continue to improve. Buzzbaits, Ploppers, Frogs, Chatterbaits, Dropshots, and Jigs topped the list this week. Where? Most any of the flats, or deeper set of docks is holding good numbers of fish coming out of post spawn, as is most if not all of the tule lines. How? The topwater bite up north can be stellar if you can find the fish that are on the shad. Same with the Whopper Plopper and Chatterbait. As for the Frog, I have been focusing on the shaded tule lines once the sun is up, and there are definitely more than a few fish willing. The Dropshot is working under and around deeper docks, and the jig is cleaning up on the deeper ledges. Get out early and chase em’ till noon, take break and hit em’ again in the evening. There are some good ones starting to show themselves. Be patient and weed through the lil guys and most will eventually get a shot at a good one. Please remember, unless you’re in a tournament now is not the time to be holding fish in a livewell. With the low oxygen content, and high water temps, it is imperative that we practice Catch, Photo, and Release, and if you do happen to be in a tourney, even a six hour club event, please use ice and leave your livewells on for the duration, it can make all the difference....;) ReelEx, your source for quality, professional service on your Shimano reels. Guaranteed 96 hr turnaround on service. 650-454-4938 www.reel-ex.com

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