Coast Guard Law Enforcement During Halibut Derby WARRENTON, Ore. — The Coast Guard and its partner agencies National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, Oregon State Police and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife conducted a coordinated law enforcement effort throughout the three-day Halibut Derby ensuring safe and legal fishing among the fishing fleets from northern Oregon and southern Washington.The combined efforts of the partner agencies resulted in 17 boardings to ensure that fishing was being conducted safely and according to state and federal regulations.Fisheries violations enforced included invalid document length, which was falsely reported to gain a greater quota; another fishing crew was sited for the catching of undersized fish and the use of illegal fishing gear – resulting in the seizure of the crew's entire catch by NOAA upon return to the docks, and another crew had two fish seized for being undersized, which came with a $400 fine for each fish. Safety violations enforced were for expiration of life rafts and distress signals."One of the 11 statutory missions of the Coast Guard is the protection of living marine resources," said Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Morris, enforcement division chief, Coast Guard Sector Columbia River. "Each agency has a role to play in protecting an important source of our nation's economy. Teaming up with our partner agencies helps the Coast Guard and our LE partners meet the needs of that mission."This year's Halibut Derby has occurred on three separate days, June 22, July 6, and July 20 in the area known as Astoria Canyon, which is about 25 miles offshore typically along the 600-foot depth curve.Coast Guard crews from Sector Columbia River in Warrenton, Coast Guard Station Tillamook Bay in Garibaldi, Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment, in Ilwaco, Washington, Coast Guard Station Grays Harbor in Westport, Washington, Coast Guard Cutter Cuttyhunk and Coast Guard Cutter Swordfish, homeported in Port Angeles, Washington were all involved in enforcement efforts.Aircrews aboard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopters from Coast Guard Cutter Air Station Astoria conducted six living marine resource patrols to ensure fishing didn't start too early, finish too late or take place in restricted areas.


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Summer 2016 I can’t believe spring has already passed. WesternBass was happy to help cover many of our springtime events including the hourly weigh-in excitement of the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge on the California Delta and the Wild West Bass Trail’s California Teams championship on Clear Lake. We hope you enjoyed the live video coverage that we were able to bring to you from the water and the scales. It’s that time of the year again and ICAST is on in just a few weeks! Frog Master, Bobby Barrack and I will be returning to the show and running live video shots from the floor. I have already made several appointments with manufacturers and their pros to review the latest products they have to offer. We are both excited to see all the new items and share them with you! Next month will be the 15th annual Snag Proof Open -the Original Frog Tournament. You may recall that last years event had over 200 boats with a 100% payback of over $40,000. This year, Nate Chandler owner of Snag Proof is hoping to have over 300 boats and make this the biggest event out west, along with the biggest, two-day specialty tournament payout... Go Snag Proof! In September, there are many events that we are looking forward to. For all the Delta rats, we will have the kick off of the 2016-2017 season of the Hook tournaments, Dan’s Delta Outdoors will host their only Pro/Am of the season and Randy Pringle and the Best Bass Tournaments will bring us the return of BassFest. The 34th annual WON Bass U.S. Open will hit Lake Mead and early bird registration is already underway for this one! We also have the WWBT Lucas Oil Pro/Am western championship also at Lake Mead. All and all, the WWBT took off and never looked back. Great turnouts along with 100% payouts really attracted many of our best anglers and great competitor numbers. Next year’s events should only get better! This quarter, WesternBass has welcomed three new sponsors. Ben Green Insurance specializing in insurance for outdoor enthusiasts, Mystery Tackle Box featuring a fun and affordable way to discover new fishing products every month and Crossed Industries offering automotive accessories for anglers and angler sponsorship programs. Finally, I would like to thank all of you and all of our sponsors for supporting WesternBass!


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Oroville Lake By Bite seems to be wide open now days. Launched a little early trying to beat the heat at 5:20am, completely off the water at 10am. First stop the bridge pilings at hwy 70, as now days fish are stacked from 5 feet to 70 feet on the graph and they were in the mood to bite today. Just no big fish. Think I fished close to an hour and picked up 12 fish, most decent fish, but no large ones this trip. Dropped baits against the concrete and watch your line, if line stops going down, a fish is sitting there holding your bait. Mostly taking baits on the fall but a few while cranking them up. Headed to north fork, going towards the river and finished my day. First stop and decent 15" fish, including a couple 13 1/2" fish. I always hold on a location after catching a fish, more times then not, more fish to be caught. Fish are schooling up, give it a chance by sticking to one location. Winds blowing as usual in the N. fork, but got to play the wind game if your fishing this area. I fished 5 locations today for 29 fish, see what I say give a location a chance before moving. Largest a 16". one 15", 4-5 14-14 1/2" with the rest 13-13 1/2", and only two dinks today under 12". My last location gave up 4 spots in the 14"-14 1/2" rage, one after the other. Mostly fished from 30 feet to 40 feet range, nothing shallower. This year bass spawn is all schooled up and busting water all over the place, looks like they are 4-5 inches or so from what I could see. If any indication, great spawn this year. Pictures in fishing forum.

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