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  • Clearlake: The Last Cast

    Clearlake: The Last Cast


    Over the past 5 years I have made a lot of friends within the bass fishing ranks and have learned the value of sharing what I have learned with those who have

  • Clent Davis - 2012 FLW Tour Rookie of the Year

    Clent Davis - 2012 FLW Tour Rookie of the Year

    Winning any title on the tour level can be a challenging experience. For a rookie on the FLW Tour, learning to do something as simple as competing can be more t

  • Cody Meyer Lands Typhoon

    Cody Meyer Lands Typhoon

    FLW Tour angler Cody Meyer agreed to terms with Typhoon Polarized Optics.

  • Cold Weather Jigs

    Cold Weather Jigs


    I’m sure it’s happened to you. Your alarm goes off on a cold early December morning, and it takes you a while to decide whether it’s worth getting up to go out

  • College Fishing 101

    College Fishing 101


    College fishing is well established and continues to get more and more attention. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a current student with a passion for ba

  • Columbia River Smallmouth

    Columbia River Smallmouth


    It is great to see B.A.S.S. return to the west this fall and I believe the Pro-Am concept will be very successful. I know many anglers were reluctant to fish t

  • Columbia River: The B.A.S.S. dream!

    Columbia River: The B.A.S.S. dream!


    The drive home Sunday from Clear Lake was exhausting, I took some time to sleep in. Got up at 7:30 a.m. and once all packed, was on my way to the Hook at 9:30

  • Come out and Support your Troops

    Come out and Support your Troops


    CBAF encourages you to come out and show your support for the families who have lost a family member in the recent wars. This team event will require more than

  • Competing on a Budget

    Competing on a Budget


    With today’s high price of fuel and other tournament driven expenses, those of us who still want to compete, or even just want to go fishing on a regular basis,

  • Confidence and Time on the Water

    Confidence and Time on the Water


    There are two basic strategies to approaching a tournament; go all out and try to win or play it safe and stay in the points race. There are also two different

  • Connect With Bass In Manmade Shadows

    Connect With Bass In Manmade Shadows


    It’s a classic win-win. Man makes ‘em, bass borrow ‘em and man’s cool with the deal. Why? Because docks offer all the things a bass needs – refuge, shelter and

  • Conquering Reel Overspins

    Conquering Reel Overspins


    We’ve all had them. No reel is perfect, no angler is immune to the frustrations of a mucked up reel due to our overzealous and anxious attempts to make that sna

  • Cooch and the ProTeen Event

    Cooch and the ProTeen Event


    I have to admit that I was touched by Andy Cuccia's Pro Teen Event. He and his staff have touched so many teenager’s hearts and minds. I felt it when I fished w

  • Cooch's Jig Fishing Theory

    Cooch's Jig Fishing Theory


    Long time ago, when I first began tournament bass fishing, I used to be a crankster. I tossed a blade every now and then with some wormin tossed in as well.

  • Cooch’s Sloppy Canopy Tactics on the River

    Cooch’s Sloppy Canopy Tactics on the River


    When I'm fishing the matted cover on the Delta, my presentation really depends on the type of slop canopy. Some areas ya have that thick cheese, if there is no

  • Cool Tips and Tricks from the Pros

    Cool Tips and Tricks from the Pros

    When a person makes a living at something; anything, they inevitably learn a series of tricks and tips that make their job easier. The auto mechanic quickly lea

  • Cool Tips for Early Fall

    Cool Tips for Early Fall


    Maybe you first notice the evening is cooler, making sleep come easier. Some first notice morning fog blanketing the ground at sunrise in low areas. Others on

  • Crank It Up

    Crank It Up


    Right, left, center – all common terms in the political arena, but they also apply to crankbaits. Situations and opportunities may vary throughout the day, but

  • Crankbaits for Success

    Crankbaits for Success


    After two recent fishless days, I was determined to unlock the secrets of Lake Perris. Anxious to catch some of the huge spotted bass that this southern

  • Crankin' The Suspended Way

    Crankin' The Suspended Way


    I've always had a love for crankbait fishing since the first tournament I won in 1989. (5 smallmouth in 15 minutes 21.5 pounds) Even when I would find the