Fishing Report


Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

    • Report: From Lake Berryessa News

      Lake Level Status: 1/18/17
      The lake level is at 420 feet - 20 feet below Glory Hole, rising only 4 inches in the last 4 days, but still the highest level since the Spring of 2014.
      More good news is that the Capell Public Launch Ramp is open, although the courtesy dock has not yet been repaired and re-installed.
      The lake level at this time last year was 398.8 feet, 21.2 feet lower than today.
      The level has risen 21.4 feet since its low of 398.6 feet on 10/23/16.
      Rainfall total is 20.5 inches (only .06 inches today before the next set of storms), 8.8 inches more than last year at this time.
      At the present level, Lake Berryessa holds 1,192,583 acre-feet of water - 74.5% of its 1,600,000 A-F capacity.

    • Report: Clear Lake this week 1/18/2017
      Unread postby DanIsaac » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:40 pm

      Clear Lake this week 1/18/2017

      Here we go again!

      Current lake level is 7.10 Rumsey and releases out of Cache Creek dam are now booming at 3570 cfs.
      Projections are for the lake to top out at 8.0 Rumsey this weekend, or at least that is what is being reported.
      Full pool is approximately 7.6 Rumsey so there are some serious concerns as a result.

      Roads around the area are experiencing serious slides and some flooding, so perhaps the best bet this weekend is to take a break and go walk around ISE Sacramento, at least you can stay somewhat dry at the show.

      For those who still want to chase em’ this weekend one will find water temps in the mid 40’s, and water clarity mid lake to be quite fishable, though the bite is a bit tough.

      On the crappie front, crappie are bending rods all around the middle of the lake on double crappie jig rigs and spoons of all things. Crappie to 3 pounds are not un-common and they’re roaming in 12-30 feet of water.

      Reminder, debris is everywhere, and one should exercise extreme caution running around, especially, but not limited to the upper and mid lake areas.

      Stable weather is forecast for next week, and hopefully everything improves as a result!
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      Guaranteed 96 hr turnaround on service.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 46

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Fished the south Monday afternoon. Make a short story shorter, had 4 bites & 1 fish. Only out for 3 hours, but managed some light taps on a darterhead worm & a 3.5 on a jig. It was very slow, but was a nice day & got to exercise the boat!

      Tips: Fish slow, be aware that the bites are extremely light & enjoy the day!

    • Report: From Glory Hole
      We are very excited to report that the lake level has been drastically rising. The lake has come up thirty nine feet in the last two weeks.

      Along with the rising water has come a bit of debris and some colored water.

      The debris is scattered through the entire lake. Most areas are fairly clear and safely traveling across the lake has not been a problem. Take your time and keep your eyes peeled for floating wood. Above the Parrots Ferry Bridge the debris is socked in and you may not be able to go past that point.

      The water is colored in most of the lake. However, it is not chocolate milk (meaning there is still some visibility). The fishing has been good for both bass and trout anglers. A few adjustment will help you catch more fish under these conditions.

      Using bright colors will catch their attention.

      Trolling anglers should use brightly painted lures. This Rapala color is called Hot Steel and is a great choice for stained water.

      Speedy Shiners can be trolled at faster speeds. They have a very erratic swinging action and firetiger is a perfect color choice.

      Bank anglers should try using a chunk of nightcrawler in combination with a ball of glittered, scented, brightly colored Power Bait. A floating crawler fished alone will be tough for a fish to find. With the Power Bait your presentation becomes much more visible.

      While your bait soaks try casting an orange, green, gold or firetiger Kastmaster.

      We can only hope for more rain and water flowing into the lake. If so, the conditions will be like this for the next couple months. Keep these tricks in mind for the next time you hit the lake and you will successfully catch more fish.

      Thanks- from all of us at Glory Hole Sports

      Fishing Report

      Water Conditions
      New Melones Lake is currently holding 867,903 acre-feet of water. The lake level came up twenty three feet this past week and will continue to rise with the recent and upcoming rainfall. It is currently at 923 ft. above sea level and 160 ft. from full. The water clarity is stained in most of the lake with some areas clearing faster than others. There is scattered debris floating on the surface throughout the lake. The water temperature has cooled, with the average being 51-54 degrees.


      Darren Jones of Angels Camp caught a 2-pound, 11-ounce rainbow trout while fishing a Kastmaster near the surface.

      With the rising water the fish have scattered out some. There is also a bit of stain in the water which will reduce visibility. However, most anglers are still catching limits of planted and holdover trout. The fresh water flowing into the lake will provide the fish with nutrient rich, oxygenated water. Trolling anglers continue to find success fishing up near the surface. Top-lining has been the go-to method. With the water being stained, it is best to use a lure the will produce sound and vibration. Baits that have an erractic side-to-side wobble will attract nearby fish. Also, spinners create flash and vibration as well. Bright colors such as firetiger, orange and chartreuse will pop in stained water and the fish will be able to locate them. Add scent or use an Oregon Tackle Scent Chamber to create a scent trail. Bank anglers have been catching a few fish from the shoreline. The lake came up extremely fast and it may take a few days for the fish to move back into shallow water. Chartreuse and rainbow Power Bait with a chunk of crawler has been a productive presentation. Garlic scent is also a good choice when fishing is water that has low visibility. The fish will smell the bait and then hunt it down. Be sure to use a light wire hook to ensure your bait remains floating. There is quite a bit of flooded grass and vegetation lining the lake. Use a long leader and float your bait well above all the grass.

      Glory Hole Sports Big Fish of the Week goes to Dan Jones of Modesto. He caught three rainbow trout while soaking Power Bait off the end of Glory Hole Point. His biggest weighed 2-pounds, 12-ounces.

      We do encourage catch and release of brown trout, as there does not seem to be a large population of them in the lake. Carefully measure, weigh and photograph trophy fish and send us pictures and information.

      The season has come to an end and the kokanee most likely are done spawning. April is a good month to start targeting the kokanee again.

      The bass bite has remained fairly good. With the rising water levels, the fish have moved into new areas and spread out. Anglers have been reporting catching fish from 5' to 65' of water. Many areas will be void of fish and it is best to keep searching and experimenting with different depths and lure presentation. Keep in mind that the shoreline has an abundance of flooded vegetation due to the rapidly rising water levels. Try using a presentation that will easily come through grass. A Carolina rig or a Texas rig would be a choice. These rigging methods are very versatile and can be fished deep or shallow and in practically and type of cover. Lizards and Brush Hogs are both a good choice of soft plastic. The lake is a little stained so it is best to use a soft plastic that has colored flake in it. Also, be sure to add a bead to both these rigging methods. You can use the bead and the weight to create a ticking sound this will draw bass toward your bait. In cold and stained water scent will help the fish locate your bait. Some anglers have found fish using reaction baits near the shoreline and into deeper water. Try using small swimbaits fished on an underspin to cover water and catch fish that are more aggressive and willing to chase. PLEASE PRACTICE CATCH AND RELEASE. Take photos and carefully release the fish back into to the lake to maintain a healthy fish population for generations to come.

      The catfish bite during the winter months is generally pretty slow. Most of the cats will be caught by anglers targeting trout with either Power bait or nightcrawlers. During rising water conditions the catfish will move shallow and feed on any critters that have been caught off guard by the changing conditions. A large ball of crawlers will work well during the cold months and into the spring.

      The crappie are starting to bite and the prime time to catch them is right around the corner. With the recent rising water level the crappie will start to move back into some of the coves and creek channels. They love flooded brush and vegetation. Try using small spinners or mini jigs to locate crappie.

      Sonora Bass Anglers

      This last Saturday Sonora Bass held their first tournament of the 2017 season on New Melones. The anglers were forced to adapt to the rapidly rising water level. They club as a whole did a good job catching a bunch of fish with some quality ones in the mix.

      Congratulations to team Sheppard, taking home the win with a 18.01 lb. bag and big fish with a 9.24 lb. toad!

      Second place went to team Hemphill with 16.28 lbs.

      Rounding out the top three was team Broekema/Griswold with 14.76 lbs.

Monday, January 16th, 2017

      January 16, 2016
      New Bullards Bar Reservoir reopened
      The Yuba County Water Agency has reopened New Bullards Bar Reservoir to watercraft
      following a break in the security boom near the dam.
      The security boom stretches across the reservoir near the dam to block logs and deter
      boaters from maneuvering too close to the dam and spillway.
      As a result of the recent heavy storms, the log boom broke, leaving sections of it on either
      side of the reservoir, which created safety concerns because of the high water releases
      through the spill gates on the dam.
      The repair required waiting until the spill was reduced, due to the close proximity of the spill
      gates. After the gates had been closed, YCWA was able to secure the log boom back in its
      rightful place and the reservoir is now open for boating.
      For more information about New Bullards Bar, please call 530-741-5000.

    • Report: Lake Camanche hasn't seen much sunshine since the heavy storms of last week but at lease the fishing has been great!
      Lake Camanche is currently at 79% of capacity and the water level continues to rise.
      The California Dept. of Water Resources is estimating that Lake Camanche is receiving 5,123 cubic feet per second of water flowing from Pardee and releasing 4, 960 CFS. To see the most current information regarding water levels please go to:
      Friday 1/13/17 Mt. Lassen release 3,000 lbs. of trout with 1,000 lbs. planted to the pond and 1,000 lbs. to both shores at the boat ramps. Another release of 1,200 lbs. is expected this week before the weekend. Watch our FB page for the plant update.

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 49

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Got out Saturday, little foggy to start but turned into a beautiful winter day.. Water was VERY high. The bite was slow as you can imagine after a week of storms blowing through. We threw a plethora of baits to no avail.... but any day fishing is better than a day working right,,,
      HI COOCH !!!


Saturday, January 14th, 2017

    • Report: Big Break Marina shown after this week's storm

      Delta Fishing Report…. Bait fishing Stripers Sturgeon ok

      Very little pressure from anglers on the river again this week,. Decent tides combined sunny days ahead to be setting as the winter bite continues.. Still there is some really cool water and tough bites for black bass but should warm a bit quicker with the dirty water.

      Hook Line and Sinker Tournament this weekend out of Russo’s Marina will be a grind.

      Isleton Fishing Report

      Very Few Sturgeon anglers are heading to 41, Liberty and Cache Slough areas with roe and eel reporting. Cold dirty water has slowed the stripers in the Cache Slough area. Spoons and hair Jigs have become favorite tools of lure tossers in the area. Many guides are drifting minnows in the area.

      Rio Vista Fishing Report

      Still the best place to score a striped bass or sturgeon seems to be below Decker Island in the area of the Power Lines at Light 14 and the Red Barn, where boaters anchor and use threadfin shad or sardine filets. Small stripes and occasionally, a 10-pounder is caught. Eel continues to lead the way for sturgeon anglers in front of Collinsville. Rio Vista Pier also is scoring both species.

      Walnut Grove Fishing Report

      Area is under a lot of pressure from the High water. Anglers avoid the area as much emergency equipment is working the area West of Walnut Grove.

      Discovery Bay Fishing Report

      Black bass bite is hopeful as water temps stabiliz. Most Blackie anglers are sticking with rip baits and slow rolling blades searching ledges near flats. Others looking to beat the Dirty conditions are pitching jigs in the gaps. Occasionally a nice sized stripes are grabbing Bad Bubba Shad . There seems to be a run on Crappie Jigs. This would indicate a crappie bite but no ones talking.

      Frank’s Tract Fishing Report

      Black bass bite OK but Slow down with Debris moving through more consistently. It’s no secret what a little High can do. Jigs are great options while Bobby D’s spinnerbaits.

      West Delta Fishing Report

      Sturgeon leads the way. Eel is the best bait over all, but roe and shad also scoring diamondbacks Broad slough and surrounding cuts. There were many shaker sturgeon reports in double power lines in Decker Island and Sherman Island. There were few shaker sturgeons also reports from Chain Island. Most of the nice stripers coming soaking Shad, anchovies and sardines in many areas, bank anglers, Antioch Pier and along Sherman Island rd.

      Contra Loma Fishing Report

      Trout fishing is still good at the east side, north side of lake or from a boat with nightcrawlers, Power Eggs, or mice tails. Catfish biting is slow. Try fishing at Channel Point, Loma Island or from a boat with nightcrawlers or chicken liver. Black bass have been biting on artificial baits/lures and nightcrawlers around the lake. Try fishing for Crappie or Bluegill with jigs or worms at the boat ramp area, Loma Island or Channel Point area. Provided by Dan’s Delta Outdoors, 1625 Main St Oakley CA 925/234-4694 Follow us on Facebook Or YouTube.

Friday, January 13th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 47

      Water Clarity: Muddy (0-2 foot visibility)

      Report: Wow, felt like being on a new lake today with all the rains we got. Launched about 6:45am, off the lake at 10:30am. No more ramp walking, water came up 59.93 feet this week, and only 60 foot to go to match last years high water mark. Lots of BIG wood now, be careful. I think the water puddles around my home are cleaner, water looks like mud, stained the most I have ever seen. Fishing is as good as the water looks, not good. Although I did get 4 spots, but none with any size and they were loners, no hot locations. All fish were 13-14" range, typical of the one in the picture, which shows the stained water well. Looks like no fishing next week, as more rains coming. Too windy to get close to the N. fork, made my boat act like a kite, so gave it up without a serious try. Picture in fishing forum.

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

    • Report: Larry Hemphill » Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:03 pm

      Bullards Bar is closed to all boating until further notice. I think this went into effect yesterday. The log boom that is in front of the spillway was destroyed by the high water outflow. Our local paper said it would remain closed until the overflow at the spillway is over. I think you saw the video that was posted here yesterday. By the way, those videos were amazing - thank you!! I will keep you posted if I hear anything new, or when the lake reopens. It could be awhile. The spotted bass are excited about all their new shallow water homes and condos!!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

    • Report: From Lake Berryessa News

      Lake Level Status: 1/11/17 (10AM)

      The lake level is now at 417.4 feet - 22.6 feet below Glory Hole - up 3.9’ since yesterday - and the highest it’s been in 3 years! This is already 6.3’ higher than last year’s highest level of 411.1’ on 4/12/16 and higher than 412.0 (highest) on 3/7/15 and 415.7 (highest) on 4/8/14

      The lake level at this time last year was 397.1 feet, 20.3 feet lower than today.

      The level has risen 18.8 feet since its low of 398.6 feet on 10/23/16.

      Rainfall total (as of 1/11/17) is 19.88 inches, 10.78 inches more than last year at this time.

      The latest rainfall (10.81 inches since Jan. 3) has raised the lake level by 10.8 feet (1 foot rise per inch of rain for this period) and it is still rising. At this rainfall rate we’d only need about 23 more inches of rain to fill the lake.

      At the present level, Lake Berryessa holds 1,149,708 acre-feet of water - 71.9% of its 1,600,000 A-F capacity.

    • Report: From Glory Hole Sports
      Here are some pretty impressive stats for New Melones Reservoir during the last 5 days of storm activity. New Melones is the 4th largest lake in California by volume, holding 2.4 million acre ft. (326000 gallons of water = 1 acre ft.) Jan. 06, lake elevation was at 888.76. During the storm,there was a period where CDEC data indicated over 35000 cu. ft. per second was coming into the lake. At this point, current lake level is 910.46, a rise in elevation of 21.70 ft. This equates to an increase of 127361 acre ft., 41,519,686,000.0 gal. of water, around 62 % of Lake Pardee's capacity. This should be a great year for boating and recreational use of the lake looking forward.
      Glory Hole Point 4 lane boat launch is fully operational, Tuttletown concrete boat launch is in the water, and should be operational at any time.
      Happy Casting
      Glory Hole Sports

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

    • Report: Lake Level Status: 1/10/17 (10AM)
      The lake level keeps rising and is now at 413.5 feet - 26.5 feet below Glory Hole - up 1.5' since yesterday. This is already 2.4’ higher than last year’s highest level of 411.1’ on 4/12/16.
      The lake level at this time last year was 397.1 feet, 16.4 feet lower than today.
      The level has risen 14.9 feet since its low of 398.6 feet on 10/23/16.
      Rainfall total (as of 1/10/17) is 17.1 inches, 8 inches more than last year at this time. This does not include the 0.49 inches that has fallen this morning.
      The latest rainfall (8.8 inches since Jan. 3) has raised the lake level by 9.6 feet (13.1 inches rise per inch of rain for this period) and it is still rising. At this rainfall rate we’d only need about 28 more inches of rain to fill the lake - about 4 more storms like this. Since the lake is shaped like a bowl, as the lake rises it takes more rain to make it rise higher.
      At the present level, Lake Berryessa holds 1,072,612 acre-feet of water - 67% of its 1,600,000 A-F capacity.

    • Report: From Lake Camanche

      The storms kept rolling in with lots of rain and high winds which didn't make for the best fishing week. The lake levels have been crazy too. Due to flooding concerns EBMUD engineers dramatically lowered Lake Camanche in anticipation of the continual storm surges. Since Wednesday January 4th the release from Lake Camanche was approximately 5,000 cubic feet per second! That dropped the lake level down to 64% from 70% as of Monday 1/9/17. As of Sunday 1/8 Pardee Lake has started to spill over. Pardee has also increase their releases which has already made a difference in the level of Lake Camanche which as of this print 1/10/17 has brought the lake level back up to 68%.

      The California Dept. of Water Resources is estimating 12,816 cubic feet per second of water is flowing from Pardee into Lake Camanche. Those of you that would like to keep track can go to:
      Friday 1/6 Mt. Lassen release 2,400 lbs. of trout with 800 lbs. planted to the pond and both shores at their boat ramps. Another huge release of 3,000 lbs. is expected this week before the weekend. Watch our FB page for the plant update.

      Dave Gliebe was out with other bass anglers the 1st of the year and caught this monster 13.5 lbs. large mouth. I have to apologize for the late post but it took me awhile to track Dave down at Bass Pro in Manteca to get his permission to post his picture. I don't have the particulars of what and where but you can always stop in and ask for him in the fishing department. He release this beauty unharmed back into the lake.

      Above: Kody Sackett of Ione got in before the storms to catch this very nice stringer of trout from the pond using rapala on Friday 1/6. Total weight of stringer was 11.36 lbs. with the largest coming in at 4.71 lbs.

    • Report: ATTENTION BOATERS! Due to the recent very wet weather, high flows on the Tuolumne River have carried large amounts of floating woody debris into the upper Tuolumne River Arm of Don Pedro Lake. In order to keep this floating debris out of the rest of Don Pedro Lake, four debris barrier booms have been installed. These booms are currently blocking vessel access to this portion of the lake. They will be re-opened as soon as conditions permit.

Monday, January 9th, 2017

    • Report: From Glory Hole Sports

      Wow!!! The lake came up sixteen feet this past week!!!

      This last storm was great and the lake level came up extremely fast. We will continue to see the lake rise. The weather forecast is calling for another dumping rain storm.

      The dirt launch and the two lane concrete ramp are completely under water. The four lane concrete ramp off of Glory Hole Point is open and they are scrambling to get the docks put in place.

      Water Conditions
      New Melones Lake is currently holding 726,891 acre-feet of water. The lake level came up sixteen feet this past week and will continue to rise with the recent and upcoming rainfall. It is currently at 900 ft. above sea level and 183 ft. from full. The water clarity is clear in most of the lake with a slight stain in some areas. There is some debris floating on the surface. The water temperature has cooled, with the average being 51-54 degrees.


      The lake has turned over and the trout fishing has been really good. Most anglers are catching limits of both planted and holdover rainbow trout. The lake level has been quickly rising with fresh water flowing in all the major tributaries. The trout can be caught in many different areas of lake. Trolling anglers have been top-lining to find success. Try using billed trolling plugs to target different depths near the surface. A Floating Rapala will dive 3' to 7' and a Shad Rap will troll down 8' to 12' depending on line diameter, speed and the amount of line let out. It is best to let out 200' of line to ensure you clear the boat wake. Some anglers have been using spoons tipped will a crawler to catch limits. We have a few cloudy days in the forecast making gold and copper good color choices. It should be clear by the weekend and natural shad patterns will work well. Be sure to experiment with different presentations and colors when you are on the water. Bank anglers continue to haul in some really nice rainbows from the shoreline. Most anglers are catching both planted and holdover rainbow trout. Try using garlic Power Bait with a live crawler or an artificial crawler. The trout are swimming near the shoreline, so a long cast is not needed. Make a short pitch into shallow water and let your bait soak. With a second rod stamp you can use a casting lure to search for fish while your bait soaks.

      Glory Hole Sports Big Fish of the Week goes to Aiden and Aria Carr. They caught a 3-pound, 8-ounce holdover rainbow while soaking Power Bait off of Glory Hole Point.

      We do encourage catch and release of brown trout, as there does not seem to be a large population of them in the lake. Carefully measure, weigh and photograph trophy fish and send us pictures and information.

      The season has come to an end and the kokanee most likely are done spawning. April is a good month to start targeting the kokanee again.

      The bass bite has been good for the last couple of weeks. Most anglers are catching some healthy wintertime spotted bass with the occasional monster largemouth being caught. The lake is coming up extremely fast and changing daily. Some fish will hold deep and wait for conditions to stabilize, while others will move up immediately to investigate newly submerged structure. The fish that are holding on steep banks are less likely to be effected by quickly rising water. Try using a darthead worm fished down rocky bluffs and steep dirt banks. A darthead is a good choice because the fish will eat it on the fall in shallow water or pick it off the bottom in deep water. Natural crawdad colors work well and a bit of chartreuse will trigger strikes in stained water. Many of the shad can be found in the major creek channels. This fresh water flowing into the lake should bring the shad up to shallower water. Look for balls of bait on your fish finder and then try lowering a spoon or dropshot down. If the water has a little stain to it, the spoon is a great choice. Gold is a good color and the vibration of the spoon popping and fluttering will attract fish from a distance. Many fish will hold tight to the bottom and can be caught on jigs and shakeyheads. A jig can be fished slowly across the bottom to tempt those bass that are feeding on crawdads. Try using a light jig when fishing in shallow water and switching to a heavy jig in deep water. The shakeyhead is very weedless and is a great rig for fishing near wood. Try switching soft plastic baits throughout the day until you find the size and color they are looking for. PLEASE PRACTICE CATCH AND RELEASE. Take photos and carefully release the fish back into to the lake to maintain a healthy fish population for generations to come.

      Fishing for catfish during the winter months is usually pretty slow. Large fish can be caught at this time each year, but not many. It is best to use a ball of Power Bait or Float a crawler. This way you will have a chance to catch both trout and catfish. For specially targeting giant cats, try using a whole mackerel with a double hook rig. These fish tend to hibernate during the cold months and will only move to eat a substantial meal.

      Very few anglers have been targeting the crappie. The winter months can be good and the crappie will move into creek arms.

    • Report: Good morning Shasta Lake!
      With the New Year, we have received a tremendous amount of rain and even snow! With the largest deluge of precipitation arriving yesterday. Unfortunately the warmer water washed away the snow that we had at the McCloud location.
      We started off the year at 1022.20' or 44.80 feet below the full pool level (3,340,120 acre feet of storage). Since that time we have had several storms that doused the area and catch basin for Shasta Lake. Temperatures even dipping down below freezing for several days. The lowest we saw here was 23 degrees. Fortunately it allowed us a short lived experience of some decent snow on the lake! Snow conditions near Yreka and the Oregon border caused closure of Interstate 5 for several hours during the middle of the week causing overnight delays and massive amount of traffic build up in the Redding area.
      Since the first of the year we have gained 6.74' of elevation on the lake and increased the capacity by 166,638 af of water! Our highest inflow during the past several days was at 2 am last night at 100,116 cubic feet per second! An average Olympic sized swimming pool is approximately 88,000 cubic feet! Here are the rainfall totals that I have recorded from our McCloud location:
      01/02 - 0.31"
      01/03 - 3.02"
      01/04 - 0.64"
      01/07 - 1.76"
      01/08 - 6.04"
      January total: 11.77"
      (Rain totals can vary greatly depending location on the lake)
      Here are some other interesting items and comparisons:
      - The lake has risen 4.30 feet in the last 24 hours
      - The lake increased by 54,299,230,907 gallons
      - At the highest flow, the water could fill 1.14 Olympic pools every second
      - Various sources has confirmed the largest rise in water in one 24 hour period was in the winter of 1976-1977 at 18 feet. During that time over 220,000 cubic feet was entering the lake.
      One last item of interest is that our 2016 rainfall totals have actually passed our totals for this year. The biggest factor is that these storms continue through winter and into spring. That and how much the BOR decides to release as we are now in the flood control stages of operation at the dam. Currently at 76% capacity and 120% of the historical average to date.
      I have posted numerous figures and plots as well as weather warnings to indicated the severity of weather that we are experiencing.
      This is something that we are all keeping a close eye on and will keep you posted ;-)
      Until then, stay dry, stay safe and enjoy the New Year!
      Lake Level Report (01/09/2017 at 09:00)
      Lake Elevation: 1028.94' (38.06' below full pool)
      Lake Elevation (2016): 984.52' (82.48' below full pool)
      Storage: 3,506,758 af (estimated)
      Storage (2015): 1,398,142 af
      Outflow: 11,517 cfs
      Inflow: 53,323 cfs
      Precipitation (24 hr @ dam): 1.85"
      Precipitation (Season @ dam): 32.35"
      Precipitation (2016 Season @ dam): 39.81"

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

    • Report: Lake Berryessa News
      12 hrs ·
      3:00 PM Sunday: 3-6" of rain (since midnight) in the Lake Berryessa Watershed!
      HWY 128 is reported to be CLOSED somewhere between Markley Cove Resort and Pleasants Valley Rd.(Winters) due to flooding.
      Berryessa Knoxville Rd. is closed near East Side Rd. due to debris on the road.
      The Lake Berryessa News will provide more details when they become available.

    • Report: DanIsaac » Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:00 pm

      Clear Lake this week 1/8/2017

      As everyone Im sure has heard, this storm system has dealt moderate to severe damage throughout Lake county and conditions continue to be iffy at best.

      Major mudslides around the county make navigating treacherous as does moderate to severe flooding in Hidden Valley, Kelseyville, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, and areas in Lakeport
      as well.

      The lake itself continues to race towards full pool despite Cache Creek dam dumping near 3k cfs, and Putah Creek is near flood stage in the Hidden Valley area as well.

      I think I'd exercise some discretion if one really needs to come up early this week, ss the forecast for Thursday through Saturday looks much better, which would give conditions a chance to stabilize a bit.

      Should you choose to take a chance please be aware that there is a ton of debris in the lake
      so be careful!


    • Report: NorCalBassnPJ » Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:41 am

      No good at Shasta either for me yesterday. Can't say i really gave it a fair shot though. Started out with me casting from the deck and my buddy holding his S-Waver 168 in his hands with his rod stretched forward. I caught his line with my line and the S-Waver slid off his hand and buried one treble point into his thumb way past the barb. he pulled it out we put some superglue on it and we kept fishing. Launching at the Dam was out only option since the snow was coming down hard and sticking in town that morning before i had even left the house. so our options were fairly limited to where we could go launching down there. We stayed in Li'l Backbone all 2 hours that we were there and maybe had 2-3 bites no hookups. fished 1/2 oz football jigs with hula grubs, a little spinnerbait, and would've fished some osprey but that was the rod i hooked my buddy with so I couldn't back the backlash out and use it the rest of the day..Add on to that, my buddy didn't grab any gloves so his hands were numb and frozen the whole time so that was a big reason we came in early. We definitely should have fished deeper in the calmer water but the wind was about perfect for a reaction bite elsewhere on the lake. Just couldn't do much with my buddy getting cold quick and me hooking him first cast didn't help that either. If it would've went to plan we would've bounced around a bit more and tried the mouth of the Sac or some more main body stuff yesterday. But just wasn't gonna happen with how the day got started on a bad note out there. I would say though we were probably the only boat out on the water yesterday with how much snow we got. Now all this snow is melting and its pouring rain up here in Redding. The lake should be pouring water in from everywhere right now. Levels are going to rise quickly and muddy the water. Its a somewhat warmer rain too. Water temps at Shasta are hanging right around 50 degrees, at least down by the dam. I'm sure it fluctuates in different areas by a degree or so..