2020 in the Rearview... 2021 in the Clear View

Photo: Brandon Gee and Duke Kanaya


As the 2020 Best Bass Tournaments (BBT) season is in the rearview and 2021 is their clear view, the BBT family wants to express appreciation to all of the participating anglers and their families as well as their advertisers and partners for support during the year of COVID.

"It has been challenging to say the least," said BBT owner Randy Pringle. "We couldn't have done it without you! We are wishing positive thoughts for the upcoming new year and the next season going forward."

BBT has released their 2021 season and will plan to maintain COVID criteria as necessary. 

"We hope that everyone is staying safe and will do our best to continue that effort." stated Pringle. "As we are allowed, we will resume our normal methods. Maybe that will be soon with the expected vaccine on the horizon. It will be great to get back on track for us, for you and for our sponsors. We know many manufacturers have had product issues, supply chain irregularities and other hurdles during the pandemic and we hope that not only our industry, but the world as a whole will be on the road to recovery very soon."


With the 2021 season schedule (see below) announced, BBT is pleased to once again be offering a $20K cash prize at our Tournament of Champions (TOC).

"We want to congratulate the reigning 2020 champions, the team of Brandon Gee and Duke Kanaya for their victory with 33.45 pounds," Pringle stated. "We are all excited to see which new team will come up and take the TOC prize for next year.

One of the predicted condition changes for this winter is a La Nina year. The  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) info states that "favors drier, hotter weather in the southern part of the United States, and colder, wetter conditions to the north, for December 2020-February 2021." 

Depedning on your location, this may bring a change in water levels. Pringle shared some advice in thinking about pre-season, off-the-water mapping practice.

“Extreme water levels make what you used to know and used to do look different,” he began. “Much of the stuaff you normally fish may be out of the water and what used to be in 100-feet, may be in 10-feet and that’s what you will be fishing. Increased water levels, put structure and bottom composition that was once bank as your new targets. Study your mapping to know what changes will look like when you're on the water.”

MORE ON THE 2021 Regions, Traveler Series and TOC dates.


For those that forego the winter hiatus and love some cooler/cold water bassin’, Pringle shared this advice…

#1 Downsize. Baits, line, movement – all of it. Water temps are colder. Bass are slower. Don’t pull your lure away before they have a chance to take a bite.

#2 Tie on Berkley PowerBait MaxScent soft plastics. There are many profiles to choose from - The General, Creature Hawg, Lunch Worm and more. The fish have been eatin’ up across the country. It has dominated at all avenues – FLW, MLF and Elites and it will continue to be a go-to through at least February.

#3 FISH! So much of what we are used to doing and places we are used to going aren’t open to us. It’s a perfect time to get your whole household into fishing. Take your son or daughter, your or your mom, your wife or girlfriend. Introduce them to what we do and make them a part of it. Soon you just may have you have a new partner to fish another region of BBT with!