Northern California Lake Fishing Report


Monday, January 9th, 2023

    • Report: by Kelly Ripa » Mon Jan 09, 2023 12:48 pm

      This is the five year anniversary of Montecito being wiped out and that was from 3 inches. As of now I have had 4.5 inches on my front deck and I'm 3 miles from the lake. I drove over and watched all the water that's going straight to the ocean. Cruel and unusual punishment to see all that water go to waste. Anyway San Antonio creek is over the road to Station Canyon, the diverter is running full tilt,Coyote creek is bombing along. I was out just 3 days ago and we were up about 3 feet...old data on the California site shows us at 31% and Cachuma at 37%. Cachuma will be the big winner from all of this. I was out on Casitas on Friday and there was dry as a bone pieces of wood in abundance in areas but the water temps blew my mind. 56.5 to start and 59 when I left....That will change. The Station Canyon area was the most messed arm as far as silt was going. I assume it's because of all the culverts under the Hwy hydro mining the hills sides below. Plus the two creeks are raging in but but they are hard to see through all of the brush that grew in the absense of water over the last 15 years. If the lake shot up to full pool here we would have to launch through the trees and brush that have been allowed to takeover right up to the cement.I Caught 1 fish 4 pounds 6 ounces shallow. I just heard there is a mandatory evacuation notice for ALL of Montecito as of 12:45. Be safe out there...wear a vest and err on the side of caution is my advice.


    • Water Temp: 54

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Fished this past weekend. Better fishing was main lake and part way up the river. Far up the river is muddy and full of floating debris above the last big turn. We used brown jigs and drop shot Pro Worms for about 11 pounds on one day. Ten pounds on another day. The lake is in great shape and is now on the highest level ramp on the south side.

      Tips: Fish where you will be snagging and breaking off in the rocks. The Pro Worms, and information, are available at Valley Rod and Gun in Clovis.

Sunday, January 1st, 2023

    • Water Temp: 56.5

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Got to the lake at 10:00...Visibility wasn't to bad on main lake. 56.5 Water warmed to 57 in afternoon. Wind blew about 20 -25 from 9 until 2. It slacked and I went home at 2:30. Could not connect with anything shallow. I had 1 fish for 3 11ozs. on a spoon in 55 feet. With water this warm who knows. I think the next series of storms on Thursday will get us a temp fall. They moved the ramp up a few feet and closed one also. I don't know what's up with that. Maybe they only have to only move one with every foot of new elevation?? I don't know but one is further up than the other and not open.Nasty wind made it tough to fish for sure. I was happy with one!

    • Report: by jiggin4bass » Sun Jan 01, 2023 3:26 pm

      Eastman as of today is at 17% before any storms started it was at 6% I was told by park rangers it's come up over 20 feet. There was 4995 cubic feet pre second coming in as of Jan 1st with a couple more storms coming
      Lake is stained brown.
      Day use ramp was moved to main ramp but is still closed. The second ramp parking lot will be closed today. As the waters to the edge of the parking lot. East side ramp is been moved up the 3rd ramp it floated way from the ramp so they need to put it back in place and
      anchor it down there is alot of trash in front of the ramp and floating in the lake there trying to remove. I would call before heading up there.
      Ranger Station
      Hensley came up 18 to 20 feet Stained brown ramp on camper side is now on the second ramp 3 rd ramp parking lot should be closing soon. Day use side ramp in good to go.
      Ranger Station
      Trout plants were at both lakes last week

Friday, December 16th, 2022

    • Water Temp: 57 morning/59 afternoon

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Lake went up a foot. I had some quick spoon fish in 35-55 feet. On chrome 3/4 oz. sometimes with a little deadstick thrown in after the few rips to get them to eat. The birds were roaming all over for the whole day it seemed. My better fish all came before 9 with a long dry spell until around 2. I ran into some that wanted to eat in the afternoon. The list of what I am not catching them on is way long. I think with us off the moon and this little squirt of water in the lake the jig thing should be ready to take off...If it already hasn't as I can only fish so many ways in the shorter hours of light...things change quickly and really they only have to eat once a week or so....Praying for at least 5x the rain to come and soon as my best stuff has been high and dry for some time now.

Saturday, December 10th, 2022

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      Water Temp: 52

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Reaction baits working well main lake.
      Had good success in the morning working whats left of the grass with a rattle trap. Caught 10 on the trap.
      slowed down mid day and went to narrows. Caught maybe 7 or 8 on an A rig where bait was present.
      Saw maybe 3 boats all day. Was great to be on a non crowded lake unlike the other ones.

      Tips: jigs also working well on 10-20 feet

Friday, October 28th, 2022

    • Water Temp: 65.8 - 68.5

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Launched my buddys boat at Spanish around 8am. Found small bait fish schools with no Lassagna for the most part the whole day. Spooned, cranked top water for one or two. Blasted around the lake till 5pm. He caught 10 or so. I caught 2 all day throwing swimbaits, spinner, cranks. He stuck with the drop shot. Good day on berry fishing, could have been and will be better catching soon.

      Tips: Keep coming back.

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

    • Water Temp: 68.3 - 71.2

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Started wen afternoon, drop shot, ball head, deep cranks, shallow cranks, s waver. In the shade, full sun, combo of both. On the bottom, mid depth, surface. Yea lots of dinks. Fished for 4 + hrs.

      Thursday same thing DINKS. Fished Isolated wood, rock, mudd banks, exposed trunks, sunken stumps. Zero to fifty five feet deep, DINKS Fished for 10 + hrs.

      Tips: keep coming back

Saturday, October 1st, 2022

    • Water Temp: 73

      Report: Pardee is a challenge any time in October but this year might be the worst I have seen. We launched at daylight. Due to the light chop on timber filled water in the river we went to topwater, poppers and spooks, nothing. Then we went to jigs, got first fish, one nice keeper. Then another keeper popped on the jig and a small one grabbed one too. We stayed with the jigs another 3 hours in different parts of the river, from 4 to 40 feet, nothing. After that we went back to the main lake, south end, where we threw rip baits, jigs, drop shots, senkos, and Carolina rigs, in 3 to 30 feet, nothing. Then we went back to the river and fished a couple submerged rock piles and islands, 20 feet under the boat, where we picked up a rat keeper smallmouth. From there we fished steep sunny banks from 3 to 50 feet, with jigs, drop shots, carolina rigs, nothing. Throughout the day we saw no evidence of bait fish, no birds, no turtles, no signs of life on the water at all. WE quit after 8 hours of fishing with a nice 3 pounder and two rat keepers. Other anglers we talked to did find some baitfish and had a better day.

Saturday, September 24th, 2022

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      Water Temp: 70-73

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Been out almost everyday this month. The stripers are showing up in huge schools. Mostly undersized but I have caught a few up to 5 pounds. The large mouth bite has been really steady since last weekends storm. I am getting them on 6 inch Senkos, chopos, jigs,crawdad colored crank baits, punching, flukes, spinner baits and chatter baits. Pretty much everything is catching fish at this point. Only problem is you have to catch 5 undersized to get one keeper. The large fish are being caught on punching and top waters. 615 to 8am best time to hook up with a five plus. I am catching most my good fish at dawn or dusk. Low in coming tide has been good to me lately.
      If your new to the delta or just looking to go out and catch fish Direct message me for pricing. I have the cheapest rates any where on the delta. Eric.

Sunday, September 11th, 2022

    • Water Temp: 77-83

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Fished primarily he north end of the lake and found a few fish in the 15'-25' range on the main lake areas. Lots of grass along the shallow areas of the lake down to 10'. We marked a lot of bait on the Garmins schooled up at the mouths of cuts. Once you get out past 10' the grass disappears. We found fish on the steeper banks where there was no grass. Caught a nice spot on a popper in the morning, then we stuck to plastics such as worms, hula grubs and jigs. Water temp was the highest on the northern most end of the lake. Water should start cooling down soon and the grass will disappear as the bass move into the creek arms chasing bait.

      Tips: Get the bait down on the bottom and feel the rocks. Color didn't seem to matter. Green pumpkin, brown, prism shad.

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

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      Water Temp: 75-81

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Went out yesterday morning for a couple hours out of discovery bay. I got a late start 8am. Wanted to try some new water. Seeing how the weather was going to be 115 I was surprised to see as many bass boats out. Anyways I found a large vast flat and 5 minutes into my morning throwing a chopo I hook up with 7 pounder that absolutely crushed my bait. Got her in. Lost several larger fish a few weeks back. Continued fishing same bait in same area and proceeded to catch 3 more up to 3 pounds. By 10 am it's feeling really hot head in call it a day. Top water bite has really picked up for quality fish lately.
      I will be offering early morning trips and late evening night trips all month long. Beat the heat and ask me about my rates. Eric.

      Tips: Get out during the light change from either light to dark or dark to light. Don't be afraid to try deep right now during mid day. I have caught them down as deep as 36 feet.

Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

    • Water Temp: 80 ish

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Fished lake solo what a stink, Smelled like Veit Naum the day after. What a stink. Fished my ass off where I could find an opening in the carp on top of the water, that was a chore by itself. Anyway caught 6 fish on top-water from 21/2 to 41/2 lb.
      than by 9 am the lake went dead nothing I mean o- nada I might as well have gone bowling i'd of caught just as many fish

      I fished my ass off and only caught 6 fish and boy were they in sad shape, you had to feel sorry for them. All beat up and sores all over them. Poor fish way too many tournaments to close together. Give them a break

      If we don't get lots and lots of rain this winter this lake is done plain and simple. What do you think.????

      Just saying Mike Pellagrini

      Tips: Wait till it rains about 25" before you come back. That's what I'm saying.

Sunday, August 21st, 2022

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      Water Temp: 73-79

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Sunday morning I picked up John once again and he had his buddy Brian with him. First spot of the day before the sun was even up Brian's second cast produced a near 4 pounder. Went on to catch 4 or 5 more on top. Ripped a couple but the Day was all about the drop shot. Caught 70 to 80 fish with best 5 going 15+.
      I have most of this week open. Direct message me for booking rates. I have the cheapest rates any where on the Delta. Eric

      Tips: Move around find active fish. Especially in the first 2 hours of a incoming or outgoing tide. If you not getting bit try changing colors.

    • Water Temp: 81-82

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: I am not consistent but I run into fish running banks using a 1/2 or a 3/8 ounce shad colored chatterbait. It's a bunch of casts for little reward but I have tossed it right into a fish's mouth the last 3 trips. Otherwise I am dropshotting wacky 1/8th oz. on 8 fluorocarbon 12" to the sinker or a nose hooked "purple" worm. A few jig fish and ika fish on shear walls...color? ...Think watermelon black/red. I caught a 6lb. last week on a gizzard shad strike king 10xd crank on 20 fluorocarbon with a Shimano 300 and a light musky rod. They are showing on the whopper plopper just 1 in 10 actually eat the thing in the afternoon. Keep moving as they can be found in numbers boiling all around you but you have to be ready for them when this happens....Tight lines.

      Tips: I am straining the water with multiple rods with different baits at different angles and depths,speeds as I move down the bank. The shear walls have a lot of bait on them. The bait is at 20-25 but also in the shallows in 5 mostly suspended bass which are harder to pick off. Some days are just better than others right now but from 1 until 5 or 6 in the afternoon the reaction bite is at it's best. It is a wind driven bite and the fish become more predictable and vulnerable. The blue stone treatment is finally about gone from the fish's faces and now it's on to the early fall puzzle.

    • Water Temp: 82

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Hit the water at 06:00 AM. Top water produced nothing. Caught 5, all less than 1 lb. 3 on Sencos, 2 on Shakey head, 7-inch worm. Off the water by 10:00 AM. Looking forward to some cooler weather.

      Tips: All caught at 25 feet +/-

Monday, August 15th, 2022

    • Water Temp: 80+

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: On the water at 6AM, First cast 2lb+ Shakey head. Lost 2 more in the next 3 hrs before heading home. Air temp approaching 100. Dropped green pumkin senco on top of school, not interested. Few rising, not interested in Sexy Shad. Friend was out day before, No results.

      Tips: Fish seen on graph 25 feet. Waiting for cooler weather.

Saturday, August 13th, 2022

    • Report: by LookoutRanch » Fri Aug 12, 2022 1:09 pm

      Catching fish won’t be an issue. Most finesse the techniques are easy to have 30+ fish days. Graph before dropping lines, bait is everywhere.

Friday, August 12th, 2022

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      Water Temp: 78-80

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Launch updates: we tried Redbud but it was socked in with days of hardened slime..and OMG the smell. I would not recommend launching there. Very shallow unless you have a thin draft. Spoke with Launch coordinator and felt it would close soon. Most all other launches outside 5th street are closed. Clearlake Oakes has a deep hole off left side of ramp. 2-axel will get you in quick trouble. We did launch from shore at Clearlake Oakes 4x4 required due to gravel there.

      Fishin: We had the full moon. Fished Thurs-Sun morning. Net net.. we had a tough go. Caught ~3-5 fish per day. Fish 16 hours to 2 am Friday. Early morning bite and late evening bite. But very few. Like was noted after 9am..go do something else. What we did catch were stuffed with silvers. Found massive bait schools at Frazier and Henderson.
      We junked fished alot of the lake and threw the boat at them. Seemed completely keyed in on small..I mean small bait fish. We power fished inside grass along 20 and got a few. Henderson, Frazier, Shag, Soda, Rattle,Anderson, windflower Baylis Jago produced little to zero. We did not go skinny in upper lake and maybe that’s where they were.

      We have a home here and like has been commented the tournaments and pressure seem irresponsible. This fishery has changed so much in the past 5 years and not in a positive way. We need water or we are in trouble.

      Tips: Fish early and Late. Late is 11-2am. Fish small. We seem to be more successful on BFS kit.

Saturday, August 6th, 2022

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      Water Temp: 75-81

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: I picked up 2 of my regular clients Ivan and Al at 6am. We tried top water with no catches entire day. Top water has died down for me however I here they are catching them on frogs in the tournament.
      My area had recently been sprayed and the mats are no longer green. We got off to a quick start once we picked up the jerk baits. Probably 25 fish caught in the 6 hours while fishing jerk baits. Pointer 100 and vision 110 in shad colors. We also caught a few on a senko,drop shot, and a chatter bait. 35+ fish caught in all and our best 5 went 15 pounds. If your looking to get out and catch fish Direct message me for booking availability. Eric

      Tips: Tie on a jerk bait they are fish catchers.