Northern California Lake Fishing Report


Sunday, April 23rd, 2023

    • Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Posted many reports here pre 2005. Living in Oregon since then. Used to fish Won Bass from 2001-2004- Berryessa and Clear Lake. Making yearly Napa trip mid June to visit family- looking for numbers, not giants! What would you guys toss?? Any current tips appreciated! Come on Napa Steve and Skandy35- help a fishing brother out! PS- I really miss Lake Hennessey and Black Butte- two of my favorite lakes ever. I fish Cottage Grove Lake, Dorena Lake, Tenmile Lake, Cooper Creek Reservoir, Loon Lake and Siltcoos (once) here in Oregon.

      Tips: I'd love some!

Friday, April 21st, 2023

    • Report: by BASNFAN » Fri Apr 21, 2023 6:45 pm

      I took my cousin Charlie up to Shasta and we fished 3 1/2 days beginning on Monday the 17th. A couple of good showers that afternoon but very cold day with best water temp at about 52 degrees. It warmed a little each day (air temp and H2O temp). By Thursday PM, we found some water temps up to 57. Fishing was great but the catching sucked. In the 3 1/2 days, we only put 8 bass and one 17 inch trout in the boat. Biggest bass was just 15 1/2 inches. Might have done better but I am not the greatest deep water fisherman. We did mark lots of fish in the 10 to 20 ft range and got quite a few bites but for the most part, they would just not hook up. Our neighbor at the cabins with his big, beautiful bass boat only caught 2 bass on Thursday so I don't feel so bad. The lake is now only about 9 feet from full pool.

Monday, April 17th, 2023

    • Water Temp: 63-67

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Fish are on beds or roaming the banks from one end of the lake to another. I recommend a 5" senko with a weedless wacky hook. The fish are in 2-10 feet of water...They like it dead sticked or on the initial fall. Size from 2 1/2 to 3 pounds on average. What ever you fish think weedless. When hooked grind them straight to the boat...don't "play" them. Don't give them a chance to turn into the brush or you'll regret it....I am using 10 braid with 12 fluorocarbon and a #1 Owner jungle wacky hook. My usual is 10/10 but I bumped the leader because of the brush. It should be good for a month at least.

Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

    • Water Temp: 51

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Very hard bass fishing this weekend, fished points on main lake, coves behind islang. Drug carolina brush hogs,jigs, drop shot, A-rib, and drop shot. Spent most of the time draggin and keeping jigs onbottom, casted up to bank and worked baits from boat, 20' from shore. Fishsed water, 20' or less. Used the drift when possible to present slowly. Ended up with one bite, was absolutely defeated as this lake and most of the motherlode lakes are on fire and bass are up to banks taking every variety of bait Someone tell me the did better than I! LOL

Monday, March 27th, 2023

    • Water Temp: 52-55

      Water Clarity: Muddy (0-2 foot visibility)

      Report: Took a couple of clients out in-between storms March 15-18th, and have been out solo several times since then. Had one client score a 7 pound fish, the other client with a solid limit ranging from 3.5 pounds to one 6 pounder.

      Water levels have risen and have topped out around 8 ft Rumsey. What a difference from the grim outlook we were facing back in the Fall.

      Water clarity has been highly variable depending on creek flows and where the winds blow all the silt and debris. March 15-18 we had this odd easterly wind that was turned the north end into a mud bath, so we stayed either mid lake or down south. After that things settled down and clarity was maybe 1-2 feet and more of the usual dark stained color.

      On my own, I have been fishing State Park all the way to Lakeport, focusing on creek outlets and known areas outside of spawning flats. Compared to this time last year, the bite is significantly better and I’m finding more of that “normal” pre-spawn pattern happening around the lake.

      Tips: Most of our fish came on crankbaits and bladed jigs in shades of red. LV500s and jerkbaits have been decent in cleaner water. I've gotten a few fish to commit to a glide bait, although the bites have been more selective and infrequent. If you’re into fishing big swimbaits, now is the time more than ever.

      Watch out for debris. I've encountered a few good size logs and branches floating around the main lake - some that I definitely would not want to hit with considerable speed.

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      Water Temp: 49-52

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Mainly fished carson creek and soldier gulch. Got 5 for just under 10 lbs. Dragging jigs and ned baits 20-25 ft. Largest fish 3.7 lbs was taken on weightless senko. Talked to a couple guys at the end of the day that said they had success with A-rigs, crankbaits and float & fly.

Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

    • Report: by Kelly Ripa » Wed Mar 01, 2023 1:14 pm

      31" inches in downtown Ojai.....Pretty impressive amount of water has come down in the canyon that is diverted to Casitas Lake. It makes me wonder how much fell in the March Miracle in years past. I lived here then but don't remember the specifics that filled both Cachuma and Casitas in 10 days. I had 7 1/4" just the other day so I took a trip to Casitas to check it out. I think I'll work on my garden full time until they get the marina together. zero docks to tie to once you launch as they have bathrooms and boats tied up willie nilly and the main courtesy dock was in two pieces and not connected to the bank. From what I observed on that day. Nothing is being done to give us any kind of quality to the launch ramp and it's use. They have covered their hienies by saying you boat and launch at your own risk. Just driving down the usually submerged 70 years old pothole filled excuse for a road is going to break my bunks. I don't have my old champ with shocks on the trailer and I suppose some environmentalist would have a fit if one load of gravel was used to make the task less punishing to boats and trailers in the potholes of that road. I could not get anything official but it looks like another 5 feet on top of the 20 from three weeks ago. I'm all for a March Miracle as we aren't even at 50% now. The good news is technically the submerged island is now an island again.

Monday, February 27th, 2023

    • Report: by basstrophy » Mon Feb 27, 2023 8:39 pm

      Slay Nations season opener at Lake McClure saw 40 anglers brave the chilly windy conditions. The air temperature was in the high 30’s to low 40’s with overcast skies, the water temperature ranged from 47 to 48 degrees, wind was calm early but blew from 10 to 15 mph later in the day. Lake McClure was stingy for most, but Max Lee found the right combination for an incredible 86.25”, besting second place by 1.5”.

      In Max Lee’s own words, "Going into this event I had no expectations; this was my first time on McClure Lake along with no practice. I have practiced on Pine Flat Lake which is also a highland reservoir with spotted bass. I had previously patterned the lake and gained confidence on a 3.3 fat impact swimbait with a 3/16th ball headed jig. On tournament day, the original game plan was to make the run into temperance arm. However, after realizing that fishing started as soon as we launched. I decided to fish around the boat ramp, I started in the back of a cove and found no success. I had previously done my map study and knew of high spots and points on the island south of the launch area. I figured with the water being slightly stained and the wind blowing, there was going to be some kind of bladed lure bite. I had confidence in a ball-headed Keitech, so I thought why not throw an A-rig with multiple swimmers. Upon reviewing my footage, I realized there were a few key things to trigger a bite. Crawling the rig as close to the bottom as possible, Fishing in less than 20 feet of water, casting into the wind and bringing the rig in with the wind. My first bite came on the wind protected side of a chunk rock point. The next bite came on a wind-blown chunk rock wall, I had gotten hung up and went to pop my rig loose and he ate it as I was reeling up. I continued to cover water and ran around the entire island for no more bites. My next bite was 100 yards North of the first bite on a slow tapering rock point that had a hard clay transition. That was the big fish of the day. I continued down the stretch of bank until I got to the area where I had gotten my 2nd bite of the day. With no bites I decided to double back and fish into the wind on the main lake side of the island. My 4th bite came on the northern point of the Island. I made the cast to shore on a boulder and was bit before it made it to the bottom. I fished into the wind 300 yards for no bites and was running out of boulders to cast at. I decided to make a run straight across the lake to a creek runoff area. I made one cast on the boulders on the shoreline and got my 5th bite. I would like to thank my friends and family for the support and encouragement they gave me. Along with the fellow anglers that I fish with and compete against. I appreciate and love the amount of passion and commitment my fellow peers and mentors have for fishing."

      Damian Thao came in second place with 84.75”. Thao started the morning off with a spinnerbait fish with in the first 5 cast of the day. He fished shallow all day long in the 5-to-10-foot range. He caught fish on a drop-shot Robo worm 6” straight tail Oxblood that attributed a few good keepers. The key to his better fish were secondary points with flats that had grass. He used his Garmin Panoptix to find the fish moving shallow and would cast to them. He rotated a few key locations and was able to catch bigger fish in the afternoon. Damian thanked his sponsors Wild West Bass Trail, Garmin, Power Pole, Duo Realis, LA Custom Jigs, TM Custom Lures, P-Line, 1st. Gen Fishing, and Kayak City. Thao displayed his appreciation to Dave Nunes with Slay Nation for putting on this event.

      David Morris, one of the greatest people one can meet, finished in 3rd place with 80.50”. Morris caught all his fish on a wacky rigged 297 Senko in the 5” size. He went upriver and fished 7-to-15 feet deep on rocks catching 12 fish throughout the day. Morris thanked his wonderful wife for all her support in making his fishing possible.

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      Water Temp: 46.9

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Went as far up river as I could go to catch fish. Caught some decent ones but Camanche was way better. Ended up catching a 6lber at camanche along with some healthy spots.

      Tips: Fish slow on the bottom with jigs

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

    • Report: by basstrophy » Wed Feb 22, 2023 10:22 am

      David Borofka wins a double hitter by capturing both CaBass Nation and Wild West Bass Trail by finding the correct combination and unlocking Bullards Bar tough fishing conditions. The water temperature was between 46 to 48 degrees, air temperature ranged from 30 to 65 degrees. His 70.75 inches bested second place by 5.5 inches, plus, he also caught the big fish of the tournament a Bullards Bar beast that measured 20.25”. Borofka made an hour run early to his first location. He focused on a single main lake point with white rocky structure in 20 to 35 feet of water. The main lake point was slow tapering that reached almost completely across the lake and was nestled between two other points. A Keitech ½ ounce jig in green pumpkin and a peanut butter and jelly attributed for all his fish. At 9:30 AM, his first and big fish ate the peanut butter and jelly Keitech jig. Borofka worked over that point most of the day and caught 4 of his 5 fish. At 2:30 PM across the lake was a mud point that was calling him. Borofka caught his fifth fish to fill his limit on the mud point. Borofak stated that the key to his success was using 10- pound P-line Tactical fishing line with a slow drag and dead sticking his Keitech jig. Borofka stated that with the support from his sponsors Keitech, Pline and Bioenno batteries that powered his NewPort motor made his win possible. Also, Headwater Adventures company in Redding for suppling him with a kayak and all the gear he uses on his boat. Borofka is looking forward to the next event at Lake Pardee on March 5th.

      Abel Patino captured second place with 65.25”. After an hour run up North, Abel fished main lake points with white rock in 35 to 60 feet deep. His larger fish came near the 60-foot range. Most of his fish came on a black jig but the Ned rig attributed to a few key fish. Patino found that the key bites came on the initial drop, so he focused on making multiple casts onto the rock piles. He caught 10 to 12 fish with this technique throughout the day. Patino thanked his key sponsors Headwater Adventures in Redding big Bryan and Matt for his kayak and gear uses on his rig. Bioenno batteries and NewPort motor for making his long run up North attainable. Patino also thanked CaBass Nation and Wild West Bass for the awesome event.

      Shane Jones placed third with 65.00” by fishing main lake points with rock on a C-rig in the 50-to-65-foot range. Jones made an adjustment during the day by changing to a shad-colored football jig with a 2.8 Keitech swim bait that helped him tremendously, also a few fish came on the 1st-GenJaw-Dropper with a Berkeley Maxscent Flat Worm. Bait fish nearby was the key in his locations that helped him catch more fish. Jones was using P-line Tactical 6-pound test on his 3/8-ounce jig with a slow presentation. Jones shows his appreciation to Hooked Store in Ione, Spear Point Hooks, Bass Union, Dry Creek Tubes, Ray’s Carpet One, Wicked Weights, and most of all his Wife and Kids for all their support.

    • Report: by basstrophy » Wed Feb 22, 2023 9:34 pm

      Yak-a-Bass event had 120 anglers sign up for the season opener at Lake Oroville. The weather was cold with air temperatures ranging from 30 to 65 degrees, water temperatures were chilly 45 to 48 degrees. The fish were schooled up in specific locations and if an angler found that magical spot they were rewarded with the Motherlode. When the lines were out, and all the fish were submitted, Joseph Tax had found the motherlode with 76.25” beating second place by 1.5”. Tax launched out of Bidwell and headed to the Middle fork. The wind was blowing straight in his path with 3-foot waves crashing over his bow. Tax stated Oroville Lake was like a scene from the Deadliest Catch, “it was terrifying.” His kayak took on water and he had to stop twice to bilge the water out. Tax caught his fish using a drop-shop rigged with a 2.8” Keitech. His key presentation was to slowly move the rig in 70 feet of water right in the middle of the creek. The action was just to lift slightly and let the bait naturally swim back to the bottom, then lift again and a fish would bite. Most of his larger fish came in 70 feet of water but several of his 15-inch fish came in 50 to 60 feet of water. The Western Grebes were present in his Motherlode location, he noticed that the birds were eating shad the same size as the 2.8 Keitech. He knew that bait was present, giving him the confidence to work the area over. Tax stated that he caught around 65 fish in that single area. Because of the “terrifying” boat ride to his location, he felt it was best to stay. Tax thanked P-Line, Keitech, Owner Hooks, Powel Rods, Daiwa, and his biggest supporter, his wife.

      Danny Miller finished in second place with 74.75”. Launching from Loafer Creek and making an hour-long run to the Middle Fork where he had found quality size fish during his practice fishing. He focused on long clay points; his lures of choice were a swimbait and drop-shot. Making a run to a small cut with a feeder creek, Miller spent the rest of his time there culling fish. Miller showed his gratitude to James Snyder, Bill Bukowatz, Ron Lewis, Mike Lavoie, York Sell and a special thanks to his wife Kelly and the good lord above who is always with us.

      Mike Ensign finished third with 74.25” Launching from Lime Saddle ramp. Ensign traveled over 14 miles total during his day. After fishing a jig with no bites and the wind picking up, he made an adjustment that proved to push him to the top three. Ensign adjustment was to target windy main lake points with a Dark Horse A-Rig. He fished the A- rig in 25 feet of water ticking the bottom while going with the wind. Ensign sponsors are I-rod, Bioenno batteries, Dark Horse Baits, Gama Fishing Line, and NewPort Motors.

Sunday, February 19th, 2023

    • Report: by TopH20 » Sun Feb 19, 2023 8:22 pm

      Fished the East Delta around Paradise. Stripers in the 12-14” range on Ratt-L-Traps and jerk baits around rip rap.

      Not much else going on for us beyond that. Back out tomorrow…

    • Report: by ILW » Sun Feb 19, 2023 5:57 pm

      Spent two days on the Dirty D. Launched out of Ladds. Got on the water about 8 am both mornings. The water temp started off at 49 degrees the first day. Started in Frank's Tract flipping jigs, dropshotting, and a ripbait. Caught 2 strippers on a ripbait. After bout 4 hours, I decided to make a move and went down South to Old river and threw the kitchen sink at 'em for zero bass and a few more strippers. The strippers were on flats with current pushing on 'em. Caught a couple in the 8- to 10-lb range. Water temp down south was 54.

      Went out Sunday with all new thought process. Water temp was 50. Through rip baits and an A-rig for the first two hours and then pulled out the worm and jig to slow down. Caught 11 strippers on the main channel flats with rip baits and the rig. Went into St. Francis for a big zero. Tried 14 mile for a little guy on a dropshot. Went to all the dead end sloughs in the East Delta. Looking for clean water and didn’t find any. Got off the water with the temp at 52.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

    • Report: by kb » Wed Feb 08, 2023 4:16 pm

      No weird rules about direction of travel etc. The lake is about 1/2 full right now and it raised alot and then dropped luckily that left most of the debris and wood on the bank but there is still some out there. You will see alot of hazard buoys and make sure you know that many of them are on granite rocks so it may seem deep enough but they come up quick...... also those rocks and points and islands are holding some fish right now.

      Concentrate on the top 25 feet out there right now. Reaction baits, A-rigs, jerkbaits all good and it is a really good plastics lake Ocho or Senko, robo or ned rig all catch fish out there. Green Pumpkin is a favorite and any of the aarons magic, oxblood or peoples worm.

      Lake has all three species the majority will likely be spots but will see some largemouth and maybe a big one or two. Rivers are running way too cold right now half way up is as far as I would venture and would concentrate on the main lake. lots of bait in the lake it is both pond smelt and shad minnows.

      Hope this helps......

Sunday, February 5th, 2023

    • Report: I’ve had a great time out on Camanche the last couple of weeks.

      Bud Porter and I won the Norcal team event with over 19 pounds and then Ed Austin and I went out on Thursday and crushed them real good.

      The lake has been changing every day the water was rising, now it’s dropping.

      The main lake surface temperature is about 52° with a little bit of stain.

      If you go up river, it’s really dirty.

      We decided to stay in the main lake and fish points and breaks using brown and purple jigs with a Yamamoto Twin Tail trailer and Keitechs on an ED’s Lead Screw Ball Head.

      All the fish on Saturday came in 25’ to 40’ but Thursday was cloud cover and post-frontal conditions and the fish were shallower.

      Hope this helps. Good luck fishing.
      Stan Lafever.

Saturday, February 4th, 2023

    • Report: by clearlakeoutdoors » Sat Feb 04, 2023 11:05 am

      I caught my PB Largemouth Bass on Clearlake this past week and she was released healthy back into Clearlake to make someone else Dreams come true. She was weighed on 2 scales one at 12.04 and one at 12.00. Fishing at Clearlake has been great if you are familiar with winter and early spring tactics. Weather supposed to be back in the 60s this week which will make for a perfect time to come visit Clearlake to catch some Big Bass!


Friday, February 3rd, 2023

    • Report: by Jradmercs » Fri Feb 03, 2023 7:16 am

      Just a heads up… just visited clear lake 1/31-2/1 and got skunked. Yes the new jen tourney had big bags n stuff but as clear lake guide service guy said fishing is still tough there. Unless you want to pay for the guides out there who have found them and have their guide spots. Will wait until water warms up a bit more.

      Clarity is really good below the narrows. Little bit muddy up north. Sucks man for a 2 hr drive and no fish. Only fished 3 hrs the second day and said hell nah and left.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

    • Report: by ash » Thu Feb 02, 2023 10:21 am

      It's going to take a while, the muddiness is going to depend on the storms and where you fish. Sloughs that are off the incoming rivers and streams with good grass are going to clean up and warm up sooner.

      Once it starts warming up again don't let the watercolor stop you grab a black n blue jig or 7" senko / flip bait and get out there for that early prespawn bite. I see the blossoms starting on the trees which means the prespawn bite is about to get underway. Im starting to champ at the bit as well.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

    • Report: February 1st, 2023 by Ed

      Collins Lake has been 100% full for just over two weeks. Currently we’re still gently spilling a couple of inches. Over winter, rain or shine we’ve continued our trout planting program with a bi-weekly cadence. Next week we’re returning to a weekly plant schedule which we’re hoping to continue through February, March, April and into the second week of May, provided the surface temperature permits.

      Share your Collins Lake Catch with us,

      Over winter, rainy, cloudy and foggy plant days with low fishing pressure means that the lake is well stocked for a great spring season. In spite of the winter norm there have been quite a few calm sunny days and the few who have made it up to toss a line in have had good results.

      We’ll start with last week’s 8+ pounder which Trent Zizilueskas who caught his on rainbow PowerBait near the dam. Randy Suschnick who reported a 8.5 pound rainbow trout caught on a 3/8oz gold kastmaster- he said “just before the lake flipped” so maybe a while ago, but still definitely a notable catch!

      Randy’s son also reeled in this beautiful lightning trout on green PowerBait. Tammie Gabrielson (above, right) caught that 6.5 pound beauty on worms fishing the shoreline north of the main marina.

      Over the last two weeks the lake has just barely begun to settle after the heavy rain. It’s stained with visibility of only about 3ft. With visibility low, Powerbait is a good option or if you’re casting or trolling at least consider using something with a rattle to it. Temperature is down around 47°F so you’ll find trout right up to the shoreline.

      On the 25th Sandy Wright of Olivehurst caught this 28 inch monster, reported as 9 1/2 pounds down by the dam using PowerBait- this would have been after the lake was spilling so I expect she reeled it in along the shoreline near the 400’s, (which are right on the lakefront at the moment). In addition to these lunkers we’ve had a number of limits and near limits, all within the last week:

      Christ and Danny (above) caught nine trout using PowerBait from the shoreline. Brian Bender & Dan Lake did one better with a double limit using garlic PowerBait along the north end of the beach:

      The biggest catch in one day was Craig, Kristina, Natalia & Mikayla who teamed up using PowerBait and PowerEggs to catch a Quad-Limit of trout, including a 5.5lb rainbow right there in the middle of Kristina’s brag board. Don’t worry folks, we are still stocking!

      Finally we have Camilia who brought in a stringer of 4 trout, the biggest weighing in at 5.25lbs that she caught from shore below campsite #56 using green PowerBait and Juliana who caught her 5 pounder on a rainbow PowerBait nugget way up by the old submerged bridge (toward the powerlines along the north fork)

      The weekdays have been mostly sunny which has been favorable- this weather will likely continue until late Friday when we have a quick shower rolling in. In any case, the fish are biting! It’s beautiful up here and the few that are camping are enjoying a special treat!