New Melones Lake and Reports

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Tuesday, Sep 25
Hi: 91 ° F
Lo: 54 ° F
Precip: 0%
Precip: 0%

Friday, September 14th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 71

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Right now the fishing is just so-so. The fish are scattered and roaming. You can find fish bunched up in certain areas but they're still not jumping on your bait but you can manage 2-3 fish before they quit biting or move on. Most of the fish are small. I did manage a 3# largemouth on a Pop-R. I should have gotten to the lake earlier and fished top water for the first 2-3 hours.
    I threw a lot of different baits but it seemed liked the fish liked the Ned rig with a 4" pumpkin senko the best. I caught around 20 fish but probably 15 of em were in the 12" class. Afternoon til around 6:00 was tough. Really had to work for the fish.

Sunday, August 19th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 80-84

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: The bass fishing on New Melones continues to be productive. With only a month or so of summer heat left, we can start to anticipate the fall bite, which is one of my favorite times of the year to fish. The thick smoke from all the fires has begun to blow through and it is much clearer than it was a couple weeks ago. Timing has been a very important factor. The fish will move into an area to feed and then move out once they are full. When they are actively feeding the fishing is great when they pull back the bite can get rather tough. The key is to keep moving from area to area to find aggressively feeding fish. First, I will try to coax them with a reaction bait, starting with topwater and moving down in the water column with crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Often times they are feeding but not willing to chase. This is when I will switch to a slower moving bait fished on the bottom. A dropshot has been good for quantity and a shakeyhead or Texas rig will attract larger bites. The evenings and mornings are best. Stick with shad and crawdad patterns and you will be sure to find some fish.

    Tips: Xperience Fishing Guide Service
    John Liechty (209)743-9932

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

  • Water Temp: Warm

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Spent the day on New Melones Reservoir with Ryan Cook and Moo Lee from MooMoo Outdoors fishing out of a bass boat. The bite was a little tougher than expected but we ended up finding 3 nice ones. Bites came on topwater, jigs, tubes, shakyhead and dropshot. Got on a consistent bite throwing green pumpkin finesse worms on a dropshot and shakyhead. We found fish from the bank to 30 feet. Points were the most consistent and a little bit of wind always helps. We ended up with a few mechanical issues and wrapped it up early around noon. The smoke wasn't too bad but it was hot!!!

    Tips: Report submitted by Motherlode Kayak Angler Kayak Bass Guide Service (209) 230-3159.

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

  • Water Temp: 80-84

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: The dog days of summer are here. But, they should be called the hog days of summer as we are catching some big ol’ bass on New Melones Reservoir. The smoke continues to cover the State, but on most days, it has not been too bad down on the water. Usually there is enough wind and we find ourselves fishing under the thick smoke. The fish are cooperating and the bite continues to be really good. I have been guiding morning trips, evening trips and even all-nighter’s. Each morning we have been starting with topwater lures and swimbaits. Then as the sun comes up we will switch to reaction baits and finesse presentations. In the evening will we reverse this order. The nighttime bite can be exceptional and is a great way to avoid the summer heat. Lures and presentations that displace water and create sound and vibration will work best. The lake is extremely healthy and the water is dropping slowly in comparison to years past.

    Tips: Xperience Fishing Guide Service
    John Liechty (209)743-9932

Monday, May 21st, 2018

  • Water Temp: Water Temp was 69-72

    Report: by TravisH » Mon May 21, 2018 7:34 pmHey there guys, was out on New Melones this past weekend and had a great time smashing the spots.. We caught them on Shaky heads, dropshot, River2sea Rovers and absolutely wore them out with a rip bait on the mud lines..Water Temp was 69-72 an all the fish we found were out on the main lake points. My son an I fished for about 4.5 hours an landed 45 fish.Its definitely fishin great to take a kid fishin an have them have a blast....

Sunday, May 6th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 65 to 70 F

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Headed out to New Melones Lake today with Moo Lee from MooMoo Outdoors and Josh Parris. Josh is a well-known stick on the Motherlode Lakes and he decided to accept the challenge to swap out his Nitro for a Hobie and fish out of a kayak today on his home lake. The fish were shallow in about 15 feet of water. We found a ton of fish on beds and got a ton of bites! We focused our efforts in the Glory Hole Marina and Carson Creek areas.
    On the water: 7:00 AM
    Off the water: 3:00 PM
    Air Temp:
    High: 79
    Low: 47
    Water Temp: 65 to 70 F
    Wind: Weather report said NW at 5 mph (It was blowing at least 15 mph when we launched, it settled dow mid-day and then picked up again in the afternoon)
    Water Clarity: Clear (10 plus feet visibility)
    Sky: Partly cloudy
    Barometric Pressure: 30.0 inHg
    Fish Activity: High

    Tips: The shaky head and ned rig were the ticket today. Fishing them slow in the 10 to 20 foot range yielded the best results. Main lake pockets with sun at our back was the best bite.

    Report submitted by Motherlode Kayak Angler Kayak Bass Guide Service (209) 230-3159

Friday, April 27th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 63

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: My buddy Ryan Cook headed out to New Melones on 4/27 and shared what he found:
    On the water: 6:00 AM
    Water Temp: 63
    Wind: 6-17mph
    "Fished the lower end of the lake, the bite was good, but the bigger fish were few and far between. We threw Wacky Heads with 5 inch Senkos shallow while searching for bed fish. We located lots of small bucks and several big females, but the big females are not quite locked on the beds. After several hours of getting frustrated trying to catch the bed fish, we started slow-rolling underspins with a 3.75" swimbait trailer. We caught several more small fish and then found some good ones in about 15 feet of water on secondary points leading into spawning pockets. Our big fish of the day weighed in at just under 7 pounds with our second big fish pushing 5. Our best 5 fish limit went almost 20 pounds. We had a great day on the water."

    Tips: Do what Ryan does, the guy catches big fish!

    Report submitted by Motherlode Kayak Angler Kayak Bass Guide Service (209) 230-3159.

Monday, March 5th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 54-55

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Launched out of glory hole on 3/4/18, and made a run to the south end of the lake hitting the coves below table mountain. Coves were unproductive, as was somewhat expected considering the post frontal conditions. Fish were found holding on rocky points in the 15-25 foot range. drop shotting morning dawn robo worms led to fish all around the 1.5-2.5lb range. Also tried some deep cranking to no success. Made another run up the river and found many more fish stacked up on points. The quality of fish were also better upriver, and fish to around 3 pounds were caught. Began throwing a 4.2 inch keitech with a 3/8 oz underspin and started producing. Ended the day with around 20 fish to the boat, and a number of short strikes. All but two were spots. Couldn't get the big bite, but most fish were pretty good quality in the 2.5 pound range. Best 5 probably between 12-13lb.

    Tips: The fish were definitely staging on main lake points with rocks. A lot deeper than I was expecting, as they were much shallower a couple weeks prior when I had fished the lake last, but I credit this to the major cold front that has pushed through the area the past week. Any point leading to a major cove produced multiple fish. Keitechs, and dropshotting produced the numbers, but couldn't find the bigger bite. With the weather changing back to being warm for a while the spawn should begin in full affect. It is good to note that both largemouths were males and both were caught in shallow water so theyre moving up! Any day now the lake will break loose

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

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    Water Temp: 57

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: FISH REPORT January 31, 2018
    By: Gene Hildebrand
    New Melones Lake level is currently at 1050.75 and 37.25 ft. from full. Water level had dropped to the year low of 1050.00 before rising to current level. Water temperature is 56 d. clarity is good. We like to promote catch and release on New Melones. If you do so, provide us a picture and bring it in for a copy or email it to us at so we can put it on the board or in the newsletter.
    (January 2018 has showed that if 2017 was a great year for trout, then it should carry well on into this new year.) Posted that two weeks ago! Here we are at the end of January with a record Rainbow trout that has blasted the Melones Lake record by 4 lbs 6 oz. I've heard many a angler commenting that Melones holds some huge bows and this one proves all that chatter. Chris Peterson of Folsom was on the main lake Jan. 25th at 9:00 am bass fishing with one of our veterans, which had just brought in a 4+ lb bass. Chris saw some shad on the surface of the cove that they were in so motored over and came up with a plan to bring his presentation from the shore in towards the shad. Dragging the bladed chartreuse voo doo into the water and 3 ft. in line began peeling off his reel. After setting his hook Chris was thinking I've got a really nice bass on the end of my line, turning his pole into a circle hook. As he brought her in closer and seeing color he realized a nice size trout was on his line. After landing her, Chris thought he may have a record but wasn't sure so had his partner look up the records for the lake and told him 9 lb. 10oz. is the current record. So he says hey Chris, you just landed a New lake record!
    14lbs. 04oz, 27" length, with a 21" girth.
    Power bait is working excellent for shore fishermen, speedy shiners for trolling anglers, Tazmanian Devil can be cast/trolled.
    Anglers report bass fishing has been doing good with the finesse setup, Texas rig and dropshot using senkos cinnamon blk flake, pumpkin, robo worms in oxblood/red flake.
    The bass on New Melones are being caught in both deep and shallow water. It can take a little time to locate actively feeding fish. Once you do find a productive depth, catching fish has not been a problem. On an average day we will put 20 to 30-quality spotted bass and largemouth in the boat. On good days we are landing over 50-fish. Many techniques have been working and some better than others. Mostly using finesse tactics to get plenty of bites and tossing large baits in search of a big bite. The dropshot rig continues to work. Small shad or crawdad patterned soft plastics are a good choice. Also, bottom bouncing baits have been a key player. The flooded grass from last year's downpour has almost completely deteriorated and grinding baits on the rocks will trigger fish. Jigs, shakeyheads, dartheads and a good ol' Texas rig will do the trick.
    Stick with natural colors when fishing in clear water and you find success.
    No reports of Catfish caught
    Officially or not officially GHS has no recorded lake record for Crappie so to bring in the new year, we are hereby crediting Roger Stewart with owning the newly classified Crappie record for New Melones Lake. Roger of River Pines caught a 2 lb.6 oz. Crappie on January 1, 2018. Roger reported catching the sunfish on a Rapala in a Rainbow Trout pattern. Thanks for bring this nice Crappie in and sharing it with us Roger!
    Anglers FYI; for anyone with a potential lake record please call us at the store and hopefully we can send someone to weigh, photograph and measure the catch at the lake. GHS is the unofficial recorder of lake records for New Melones, and we understand there is sometimes conflicting interest in the welfare of the catch, whether or not to release the potential record, sacrificing your place as a record holder for the lake.

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

  • Report: Guide Reports from Glory Hole Sports
    2892 Hwy 49
    Angels Camp, California 95222

    Take it to the Limits Guide Service:

    Xperience Fishing Guide Service Fishing Report:
    It has been a very odd winter with unusually warm and dry weather. The lake level remains stable and has not fluctuated much in months. The water temperature is averaging 54 to 56-degrees and is gin clear in most areas of the lake.

    The bass on New Melones are being caught in both deep and shallow water. It can take a little time to locate actively feeding fish. Once you do find a productive depth, catching fish has not been a problem. On an average day we will put 20 to 30-quality spotted bass and largemouth in the boat. On good days we are landing over 50-fish.

    *Photo of Steve Cooper with a super healthy largemouth bass.

    Many techniques have been working and some better than others. Mostly using finesse tactics to get plenty of bites and tossing large baits in search of a big bite. The dropshot rig continues to work. Small shad or crawdad patterned soft plastics are a good choice. Also, bottom bouncing baits have been a key player. The flooded grass from last year's downpour has almost completely deteriorated and grinding baits on the rocks will trigger fish. Jigs, shakeyheads, dartheads and a good ol' Texas rig will do the trick.
    Stick with natural colors when fishing in clear water and you find success.

    Xperience Fishing Guide Service
    John Liechty (209)743-9932

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 52

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Fishing is very good right now. The spotted bass are anywhere from 1-20 feet deep and they're FAT. They're biting jigs and shad pattern baits. Trout fishing is good as well. I have caught two big rainbows (6-7 lbs each) the last two trips out while bass fishing. The fish generally move shallower as the day gets later. The fish are scattered so when you find em slow down.

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

  • Water Temp: 58-61

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: The bass fishing on New Melones remains good and we are have much success on each guided trip. The quality sized bass are definitely starting to show up. In the last couple months we have caught a handful of 2 to 3-pound fish and boated spotted bass up to 6-pounds.
    This past week was crazy! I landed an absolute giant 15.19-pound largemouth. This fish was caught while drop shotting a small shad patterned worm on 4# line.
    The weather is changing daily which makes for unpredictable fishing conditions. The water temperature continues to drop as we approach the winter months. These conditions will pull a large population of fish out into deeper water. We have already been finding quality bass 40 to 50-feet deep. Each day is different and fishing a variety of areas and depths will prove successful.
    Bass feed on many different types of forage, but at this time of year they really key in on shad and crawdads. The shad can be found schooling on the main lake and at the mouths of the major creek arms. To find areas holding crawdads look for banks that have large chunks of rock.
    Drop shotting a small shad pattern worm has been a go-to method for quite some time. It is a match-the-hatch approach that the fish can’t refuse. Also, vertical jigging a spoon can be productive once a school of feeding bass has been located.
    Crawdad patterned worms fished on a shakey head can be used around in rocky areas to trigger strikes. The jig bite is getting better each day. A ½-ounce football head jig with a twin-tail trailer is a great choice. Focus on natural crawdad colors, browns and greens work best.

    Tips: Last but not least, we are approaching swimbait season. The large trout eaters will be feeding and for those who want a shot at a fish of a lifetime, now's the time. It is a very low percentage technique, but when you do get bit it is usually a big one. If you are interested in big bait fishing or just want to learn new techniques, give me a call!

    Xperience Fishing Guide Service
    John Liechty (209)743-9932

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

  • Water Temp: 75-79

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: We have been having 30, 40 and 50-fish half day guided fishing trips. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and the fish have really been responding well to it. We have finally reached the end of summer and are experiencing fall-like conditions. The water levels are falling very slowly this year and conditions have been fairly stable. The water temperature has begun to cool and is in the mid to high 70’s.
    The fish are feeding heavily in anticipation for the colder months to come. With the shad schooling and the bass chasing them in many areas of the lake. There is an abundance of forage, including shad, sunfish, bluegill, and baby bass. When you find an area that has smaller fish you can be sure there are larger fish nearby.
    Each trip we are finding new patterns that will sometimes only last for a short period of time. It is very important to keep an open mind and be willing to make on the water adjustments. One day they will be crushing reaction type lures and the next day a finesse rig is the only way to get a bite.
    A topwater lure is always on deck. Early mornings and late evening are the best times to get some good blow-ups. Prop baits and walk-the-dog baits have been producing. As far as subsurface reaction baits are concerned; spinnerbaits, small swimbaits and crankbaits are working best. It just depends on the day and the conditions. Each day finesse rigs will get plenty of bites. A small shad patterned worm rigged on a darthead or shakeyhead and fished on rocky banks will put fish in the boat. Also, try using a dropshot rig once you have located some baitfish and feeding bass.
    We primarily target bass, but on each trip, we are getting some giant bluegill and crappie on our bass presentations. This past week we landed multiple crappie that weighed up to 2-pounds. The lake is very healthy and the future is looking bright. October is going to be a good month to catch some beautiful New Melones bass.
    We also fished the Delta a couple times this month and had a blast! Caught some giants with my good friend Nate Monroe and the topwater bite was cracking all day!

    Tips: Learn seasonal patterns and techniques to catch more fish and bigger fish.

    Xperience Fishing Guide Service
    John Liechty (209)743-9932

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

  • Water Temp: 80-84

    Report: We are approaching the end of summer and anxiously awaiting cooler air and water temperature. The lake level is dropping approximately two feet each week. With water temperatures being very warm and falling levels, the fish have pulled off the shoreline and are seeking refuge in deep/cool water.
    During the spring, the water came up at a very rapid pace, flooding grass and bushes along the shore. This turned out to be the perfect conditions for a great spawn for all species. There is an absolute abundance of small baitfish, shad, bluegill, sunfish, crappie and baby bass. Once hatched, the small fish had plenty of cover to tuck away and hide from predators and provide fresh oxygenated water allow plankton to thrive. Now as these smaller fish are growing they are being pushed out of sheltered areas by falling water conditions and dying vegetation. The bass and larger predator fish are gorging themselves.
    The bass on New Melones are extremely healthy and full. On numerous occasions as we are landing a fish they will be spitting bait across the surface and onto the boat. Whenever this happens we will closely examine what size and color they are naturally feeding on and adjust our presentations accordingly. Many of the baitfish are very small and downsizing to a 2” worm has been a good option.
    To locate schools of actively feeding fish try using a reaction type lure. Small crankbaits and swimbaits can be used with a cast and retrieve method to cover water. Once you have located an area that is holding fish, try switching to a small soft plastic fished on a dropshot to continue to catch them.

    Tips: Xperience Fishing Guide Service
    John Liechty (209)743-9932

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

  • Report: From Glory Hole Sports

    Glory Hole Sports customers Jay and Marty stopped in this afternoon to share their limits of rainbow trout, weighing from 3 to 4lb.14 oz. Trolling above the Parrots Ferry bridge down 40-80 ft. using kastmasters.

Monday, July 31st, 2017

  • Report: July 31, 2017
    Bill's fishing Report 5

    New Melones

    From Glory Hole Sports
    The Trout action still seems to be the big action on the lake. You can't go wrong, if the Kokanee fishing is slow the Trout have no problems biting the Kokanee set ups. People are weighing in big numbers of healthy fat Trout all aggressively taking the pink or purple hoochies behind a Rocky Mountain dodger the same setup used for Kokanee. Ernie Leveras did just that at 60 feet deep trolling at the 49 Bridge was able to boat 6 beautiful Trout in the morning. Our local guide Gary Burns said he is rigging his gear with Kokanee setups Apex in watermelon or silver and blue with or without a dodger topped off with with his garlic corn at 60 feet deep trolling at 1.5mph. And pulling in big numbers on the Trout.
    Fishing these post pawn Bass in the morning throwing Whopper Ploppers is the ticket and using drop-shot rigs also are producing big numbers of bucket mouths. Customers of the Glory Hole Sports reported catching and releasing 30 large mouth bass in just an afternoon outing.
    Glory Hole Sports customer hit the water on July 26 and weighed in 2 nice Largmouth Bass he caught floating minnows in 12 feet of water off the shoreline fishing wacky rig setup.

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

  • Water Temp: 79-84

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Summer is definitely here and on many days the temperature has been over 100-degrees. The water temperature is also very warm and is ranging from 79 to 84-degrees, with the water level dropping slightly each week. These are not considered to be great conditions to target bass, however the bite has been picking up.

    We have been hitting the water multiple times each week and even when the bite was slow we caught some really nice bass on each trip. The topwater bite has been slowly tapering, but it can be one of the best techniques to catch some of the giant bass during the summer months. Try using Whopper Ploppers and walk-the-dog style baits to coax fish to the surface.

    Mitchell Robbins landed a giant largemouth bass first thing in the morning on one of our guide trips. This beauty crushed a Whopper Plopper and weighed just shy of 8-pounds. If the surface bite seems slow try using some reaction baits. Small swimbaits, spinnerbaits, ripbaits and crankbaits will work best. There is an abundance of small bass, sunfish and shad and it is good to keep this in mind when selecting colors. I spent an evening fishing with Tony and his son Spence.

    We hit the water for an evening guide trip for Spence’s sixteenth birthday. He had a great time and caught some awesome California bass. I had him and his father fishing dropshots and crankbaits to find success. The flooded grass is breaking down, but is still preventing us from using any bottom bouncing baits. A long leader dropshot or a Texas rigged worm seem to be the most productive rigging methods.
    We have been catching a number of small fish on each outing along with some really nice bass.

    5-year old Devun Stewart is already an accomplished angler. He caught over a dozen bass on a spinning rod, many of which were unassisted. His dad Trevor Stewart caught fish on a fly and good friend Sam Davey picked up many nice fish on a dropshot rig.
    Some would say it is not a good time of year to fish, but for the dog days of summer, we are having a blast catching bass!

    Tips: Fish early in the morning and late in the evening and cover water. Look for shaded areas on the lake.

    Xperience Fishing Guide Service
    John Liechty (209)743-9932

Monday, June 12th, 2017

  • Water Temp: 68-73

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: With the bass finishing their annual spawn and the water levels continually rising, finding areas where the fish are located has been a bit difficult. However, the quality of fish has been great. On most of our bass fishing guide trips we are landing at least one fish over 4-pounds and backing that with a handful of 2-pound fish.

    The fishing report I have for Monday morning, is it was one of the best June days I've ever had bass fishing on New Melones. I did a half day trip on New Melones with a good friend of mine Rob Betsch. The night before I mentioned to him that getting a bunch of fish was not likely, but we would have a shot at a couple nice ones. We did and then some.
    He started the morning with a 4-pound spotted bass that smashed a topwater lure. I boated a 4-pound largemouth tossing reaction baits. He threw out two casts later and caught a 5.5-pound largemouth. And I closed the day with a 7-pound spawned out giant. Wow! We only had a dozen bites, but most were larger than average fish.

    On Tuesday I had the pleasure of guiding Jake Robinson and his daughter Shiloh for an evening trip. The lake was beautiful and we traveled to the main river arm. Shiloh out fished us both and wanted to keep fishing when it was time to leave.
    Friday morning I picked up Cash and Jaxon for some early morning bassin’. We started with some small swimbaits, topwater and ring-tailed worms. About twenty minutes into the morning, Cash had a quality spotted bass that absolutely crushed his Whopper Plopper 90. The next stop Jackson hauled in a nice largemouth that inhaled a sunfish patterned worm as he swam it back to the boat.

    When is the best time to go fishing? Any time you can!

    Tips: Keep an eye out for the next best thing to go under water. The fish will continue to pull up on freshly flooded structure as the water continues to rise.

    Xperience Fishing Guide Service
    John Liechty (209)743-9932

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

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    Water Temp: 73

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: New Melones bite has been ramping up this week, seems like we have been behind the other foothill lakes on the Kokanee bite, but not for two anglers on 06/03, hauling in 9 koks, 2-21/2 lb. range, and a few trout. This is what we have been waiting for and for now the Kokanee bite is on. Fish were caught between 35 ft. and as deep as 60 ft, 1.6 mph, using pink Apex lure with a pink dodger, tipped with kokanee corn.

    Bass fishing has been good on the lake with anglers averaging 3-4 lb spots and largemouth fishing senkos and top water baits. Last nights evening bite was good for a woman who landed a hog of a largemouth weighing just over 8 lbs. with a senko wacky rig fishing just off shore along a rocky cliff face.

    Trout fishing has been good, but you have to put your 6-8 hrs in to fill your limit. Gary Burns of Take to The Limit Guide Service reports catching really nice hard fighting bows, bring in a couple limits for his clients. Using the same setup your fishing koks with, hoochies/ dodgers are producing our limits Gary reports.

    Thanks, Gene Hildebrand
    Glory Hole Sports

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

  • Water Temp: 68-73

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: The bass fishing on New Melones has been a little hit and miss. Some days we are finding plenty of fish, along with some giants and other days we are working for each and every bite. Even on the tougher days we are averaging 15 to 20-fish. New Melones is a great fishery and it is not uncommon to catch 30 to 40-fish in a day.

    Changing techniques and adapting to the conditions has been a major key to our success. We were faced with another week of unstable weather, cold nights, a drizzle of rain and gusty winds. However, we made the proper adjustments and found some quality fish on each trip.
    The fish are at the tail end of their annual spawn and are in a post spawn stage. When the surface warms we have been finding topwater fish in the mornings and evenings. When it cools we went with a subsurface reaction presentation. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits and small swimbaits will put fish in the boat. The weather the next couple weeks looks like it will be fairly stable and the reaction bite will continue to produce.

    I had the pleasure of fishing with Rick Helmonds for a couple days. About an hour into the first day of our guide trip Rick stuck a giant 6.2-pound largemouth. We were targeting an area that would hold both spawn and post spawn fish. This beauty inhaled a swimbait in shallow water.

    Tips: Go fishing in the early morning and evenings to avoid the heat. Rovers and Ploppers are pulling fish to the surface for some exciting topwater action.

    Xperience Fishing Guide Service
    John Liechty (209)743-9932