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Lake Reports

Camanche Lake
Camanche Lake By The day was dark, strewn with black clouds with silver linings. I laid my worries to rest as I approached the shoreline and found a big rock, it spoke to me as if to say “come, sit on me and do nothing for awhile”, so I did. Spinner bait, booya my favorite.. attached to the almighty Skeet Reese jig/worm rod. Paired with a Lews bb1. 5:1-1. A few fan casts and I knew it wasn’t the right bait. Quickly, as if a tip from the gods entered my great anglers brain, I thought. It’s time for a drop shot. And it was.. These godlike instincts aren’t for everyone. I tied my 1/0 EWG offset up the line and left a we little tag of about 8”. Then goofily, I tied on a half ounce bullet weight on the end like a pimple faced teenager with his tongue hanging out.. (I had no DS weights with me) and attached my O-Soo salty pro worm, purple death. They’re soft, like butta.. and when my line moved after an expertly placed cast to nowhere, that’s when I knew I had a bite. Reeled it in and sure enough, my pro worm was half gone. How? It was professional for Pete’s sake. Doubt washed over me, I fell into the depths of despair but to no end! .. I pressed on. I reached down into my bag-o-worms like a wizard, searching for another spell and placed another salty purple worm upon my pointy hooky thingy. Same cast, patience at the ready.. line moved, and kept moving.. as if it had come alive all on its own.. and knew there was a fish.. I just had to catch up with it on my 5:1. Reel reel reel reel reel.. It was at that moment, knowing that at any second I’ll be piercing a pig of unknown size, possibly a record.. that I did just that. The fight was on! And my anticipation wasn’t let down when I reeled in a 3.5# spotted bass. That’s it, made my day. Climbing barometer, wind break point and a good memory in the books.

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