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Winter 2018
Winter 2018 Hi Anglers, Can you believe another fishing season is behind us? It goes so fast! As usual, the winter hiatus means the boat and sports shows are upon us. WesternBass will once again be at the International Sportsmens Expo (ISE) hosting the casting tank and all the bassin’ seminars. Be sure and stop by and say hi! During this off-season, we were able to create some enhancements to the digital mag. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel. We would like to ask that when you are thinking of your tackle, gear and boat purchases that you remember our sponsors. They are the reason that the WesternBass site and magazine is available to all viewers for FREE and speaking of site sponsors, we want to welcome two new ones – Trapper Tackle and Boulder Boats. We also want to introduce a new feature by one of our long-term sponsors, Dr. Trolling Motor. They will now be helping to answer your trolling motor questions within the forums; so, if you have one, please feel free to post it. In closing, I want send my condolences to Cooch’s family. Since I’ve been a part of WesternBass, Cooch was right there to answer questions and offer advice. I was fortunate enough to spend time on the water with him and have been proud to utilize the site to host the C.O. Pro / Teen information as Cooch needed. I am sure he is stilling tossin’ a jig in the big pond in the sky. He will be greatly missed. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... Wayne

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Clear Lake
Clear Lake By Started the trip on Sunday night fishing south, mostly in Konocti Bay. Took a bit to figure out what they were on, and it turned out to be blades. We fished for only a few hours as we got a late start, but we targeted rocky structure and rolled it slowly to where you can just feel the thump of the blades. They clobbered it within 10’ of the shoreline. We got 9 fish ranging from 2 - 4 lbs. The plastics & jig bite was slow. On Monday, we got bites on Texas rigged beavers as we started at 10pm. Man, the wind was ferocious! Stayed with it for a couple of hours, then packed it in. Caught 5 on Texas using heavier weights with no size. It was like fishing in a washing machine! Lol. Tues, we tried it during the afternoon, the wind was brisk but doable. Once again Texas rig produced the most bite with the fish averaging around 2.5 lbs. Went back out in the later in the evening and the wind completely died! Started around 11 pm and started getting fish on the jig. As weird as it may seem, when the wind died, the bite took off and the size was better. We caught 8 jig fish ranging from 3 lbs to our largest which was 5.2. Started fishing docks with the Texas rig and put 12 more in the boat. Next thing we know it’s cracking dawn so we decide to see if there’s a top water bite since the night was so good. The lake was dead slack, eerily quiet and other than a few slaps at the Whopper Plopper, totally devoid of any semblance of a bite. We did, however, catch a darned good breakfast at Live Oak! Our best 5 went just shy of 21 lbs. Went out Weds at 6pm with the intention of tossing frogs. Instead we got into a vicious crank bait bite that lasted until dark. They were hitting the Luckycraft D20 and LV 500 and literally smashing it. They were anywhere 1.5 - 3.5 lbs and we had a ball! Best 5 was just south of 16lbs but we caught a plethora of them! We also managed one frog fish out of one blowup that went 3llbs. No top water at all! Since the night before was great, we thought the evening bite would be stellar, but we were wrong. Again, it was dead slack and we managed 8 but we had to work for them. We were off by 3am and that’s our story and we’re stickin’ To it!

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