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Clear Lake
Clear Lake By Well, I had a late start to this season due to hip replacement surgery but at least I can finally fish now! Wow Larry, sorry to hear about the close call! People like that are one of the reasons I favor fishing at night! We pulled into Konocti around 1 AM & saw a boat fishing dark! If I wasn’t using my spotlight and came in 20 feet closer to the left, it could have been close! Tuesday Ted & I decided to give Mendocino a try during the day. Wow, it was hot & so was the water. Make a long story short, we got off after 45 minutes & one 2 lber. Fished Clear starting at 10 PM & the bite was really good! They were hitting jigs, Texas rig, & senkos. After a bit, Ted asks if they hit drop shot at night to which I reply “ I don’t know “ since I don’t throw it very often. Had one rigged from Mendo so I pop an Iovino 6” straight tail green weenie on and they were on it in a big way. We probably caught 40 fish ranging 2 - 3+lbs but also had a 6.8 & 4.6 off of the jig. We were south once again. The jig & senko fish were tight again off of rocky structure or in front of tules. We moved a lot but caught fish everywhere we stopped. No reaction fish to speak of. We went out again Weds night fishing the same pattern. Found some a little deeper in the 15 ft range, but were up close too. Didn’t get anything over 4 lbs & it was a bit slower, but around 2 AM they started hitting spinner baits. That lasted for about an hour then things slowed down but it was nice when it lasted! Best five Tues nite went around 22lbs, Weds nite a little over 16lbs. Color we used was watermelon with red flake on the jig trailers, senkos, and the Texas rigged baits. The Iovino worms were the big hit on the drop shot.

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