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Casitas Lake
Casitas Lake By Fished Sunday. There was a small club ( 6 boats?) that got out first. I launched and there was a boat where I was headed so I started at the submerged island. It was a very slow morning with a bluegill and a short on spoons by 8. The wind picked up blowing maybe 20 mph from the marina to the dam. I finished my breakfast and stayed along the edge of the island I was following in 45-50 ft. The wind helped and I noticed the fish would stack up under the boat but would eventually fade away so I started mixing up my spoons. The 3/4 oz. hopkins got the most attention all day long. When I got them interested but not biting I would reel up the hopkins and drop down a 1/2oz. tungsten spoon. Game on...I did this until about 9;30 catching fish until they stopped eating and moving 10 feet and locking in for fish until I ran out of edge. I moved into the area along the 150 hwy where there were white caps. I stayed in the 45-50 area and while I didn't get as many fish I did catch 4 legal 1+ pound fish all on the hopkins. At 11:45 the wind stopped and turned 180 blowing from the dam to the marina just as hard. I moved to the lee side of the point where I had started when the wind was blowing on it and I hadn't been bit and wham. the fish now on the lee side were chewing. I stayed with that side but I changed out the 1/2 tungsten for a 3/4 size and went at them alternating the spoons as their disposition on my electronics was displayed. I came across a fish in 65 feet that was 15 off the bottom and dropped the tungsten spoon down and I was on before it got to 30 feet. Two pounds 8 ozs. which was my last keeper before I shut it down at 3:00... I haven't had a limit since the first week of May so I felt pretty good about my efforts. I am seeing some dads out on the water with their boys and they were all dong what I am doing...Catching fish.

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