Trinity Lake and Reports

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Saturday, Apr 13
Hi: 34 ° F
Lo: 27 ° F
Snow Likely
Precip: 89%
Precip: 91%

Monday, June 26th, 2017

  • Water Temp: 65 to 75

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: FIshed Trinity from Wed 21st thru Friday 23rd, did very well all days but weather was very hot...up by the tailings where the water was moving smallmouth were hitting plastics very well, evenings in the shallows by brush was very good with top water. Rapala Crankbaits worked well in the was good after dark as well we caught several decent fish on spinnerbaits. We never got on the water before 10am but I am sure the early morning topwater would be really good as well.

    Tips: find some shallow brush and moving water

Friday, April 28th, 2017

  • Water Temp: 50-55

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: Fished last 4 days, around Trinity Center most fish were in about 8ft swim bait was the bait also caught fish suspended in bushes with spinnerbait 3 to 5 lbs good trip

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

  • Report: i would predict tough fishing conditions for this year because the water level has not been up for several years. Last I heard the fish had not moved up yet and were still holding in there winter areas. Your best bet will be fishing near spawning flats in deep water.

    Tips: fish slow! water is cold and fish lethargic

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

  • Report: Planning on making a trip to Trinity soon, any info would be great...water temp etc

Monday, February 20th, 2017

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    Water Clarity: Muddy (0-2 foot visibility)

    Report: The launching ramps are open and wet. The lake is still coming up. I haven't been on the lake yet so I can't report on the fishing. Hopefully soon!

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

  • Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: Just got back fishing was slow not much on finese til Thursday mid morning.
    From Monday til Wednesday it was all swimbaits . We caught a 5lb smallie a 6 lb & a 7 lb largemouth , seems April is a big fish month

    Tips: Fish slow!

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

  • Water Temp: 58

    Water Clarity: Muddy (0-2 foot visibility)

    Report: fished a week there last week.first couple of days we nailed them on swim baits tons of 3 and 4 lb largemouth spots and smallmouth and 1 largemouth that went 8+ then the weather turned cold all our fishing was within 3 miles of Trinity Center.
    good luck be safe

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

  • Water Clarity: Muddy (0-2 foot visibility)

    Report: Is Trinity Center Ramp in the water?

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

  • Water Temp: 69-70

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: Spent the week at Trinity Center and Fishen that end of the lake.Most of the fish were just keepers
    My Buddy Rolf did mangage to catch a couple of 4lb and 5lb smallmouth.My other Friend Ed caught a couple of nice spots I on the other hand Stuck a a topwater fish right of the bat did that all week.We used splitshots wacky rigs dropshots jigs and Zara spooks.
    Most fish were from 15 to 25ft

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

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    Water Temp: 45-46

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: trinity center ramp is clear with no dock and fairview ramp is good with dock, slow bite fish are mostly between 25-45 ft,jigs drop shot and swimbaits

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

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    Water Temp: 61

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: On the water at 07:00. Fished the North end around the Airport and Squirrel Flats. Caught nothing but dinks around submerged trees. Saw some big fish cruising the flats, but nothing on beds yet. Moved South in the afternoon and was able to catch some larger fish in the stumps on steep banks. No size to brag about though. Good Luck!

    Tips: No luck on the A-Rig, Cranksbaits, or Blades. Caught all fish on a 5" light purple Senko, and a 4" Oxblood Roboworm.

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

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    Water Temp: 54-61

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Fished the East Fork arm and Squirrel Gulch for 2 days. Only caught one LM over 3#, a couple between 2 and 3, and a half-dozen small bass (all but one were LMB). Used various flies, topwater frogs/divers and deep sinking streamers. Thought I'd do better - too bad others aren't reporting as it might have helped me out!
    City: Eureka

    Tips: Please report more often, especially you John Gray!

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

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    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: Fished Sat and Sun. North end Sat and south end Sun. Boated 10 fish on Sat and 12 on Sun. Fish were in 4-16 ft of water. Swim bait and grubs very slow. All chunky 2 pounders no big fish.
    City: Weaverville

    Tips: Please practice catch and release :)

Monday, October 10th, 2011

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    Water Temp: 63.2

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: On the water at 7:30am and off the water at noon. Heavy rain, no wind, and warm. Caught two small largmouth and a trout on Zora Spook. My buddy caught one small mouth on a gitzit. all the fish wer dinks but the largmouth had large bellies, they are feeding well.
    City: Weaverville

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

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    Water Temp: 69.2

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Since the hot weather is on it's way out I thought I would see whats happenin on Trinity. Was on-call so I had to stay close to Stuwarts Fork ramp. On the water at 6:30am and fished till 12:00. Caught three small large mouth on top water. Tried fishing deep with plastics but no luck. Where are all the fish in the fall? Anyone fishing the noth end?
    City: Weaverville

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

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    Water Temp: 72

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: I was at trinity wknd of sept 23rd, fished north end rock piles..startd off with boat problems so couldnt fish friday evening bite..did fish aftr dark and managed 1 2lb smallie and only one other bite. coaxed the boat to run saturday and fished rock piles and caught nothing but small largemouth on drop shot and some topwater..I ran out of time I wish I wouldve tried some deep water rock piles in 30+ ft if they arent shallow yet then they have to be deep..there is a ton of largmouth in the 5 to 6inch range which could be a great source of food

    Tips: try deep rock piles or main lake points

Monday, September 5th, 2011

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    Water Temp: 75

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: OK.... What did you guys do to the lake while I was gone? Yeah, I know you filled it up (which is pretty cool) but where did you hide the fish? I know it's the dog days and all that, but the fishing has been pretty sucky from what I could see. Anyway I'm back to Maine for a few weeks, then I'll be back to try to figure out where they all went. Late Oct ought to bring on a topwater bite. I'll let you know.
    City: Weaverville

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

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    Water Temp: 76-80

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Fished this last weekend,(Sat) caught nothing but dinks up until 530pm til 730 we caught 8 keepers 1 1/2 to 2 lbs. Sunday am we only caught 3 keepers (small). Off water at 3pm sunday.
    Seen other boats but no other reports!
    Thanks for all past reports
    City: Red Bluff

    Tips: Caught all keepers on steep shaded shale banks 30ft. Tubes (Dry Creek, Crazy Eddy)
    We threw everything in the box, this was the only producer. (north of Captains Point)

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

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    Water Temp: 74-79

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Was on the Lake on 8-9-11 thru 8-11-11 launched at Trinity Center and camped on the lake in Hay Gultch.Fished the entire north end and what I found the fish are deep and want the bait slow. I found better fish below Hay Gultch on the main body deep drop offs.
    Methods used: drop shot arrons magic, warmouth
    wacky senko's in baby bass color, spider jigs 3/8 oz in Texas craw color. The best thing about my trip was watching a cub bear cross the lake from the west side to the east side. PRICELESS!
    City: Humboldt County


Thursday, July 28th, 2011

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    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Hows the fishing? What the temp?
    City: Sonoma