Murray Lake and Reports


Date Unknown

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    Water Temp: 74

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: Fishing's great every time I ished at weest(no twest) lake
    o kiding I caught at least one bass and at least 5 bluegill.Not all are big but most put up a great ight especialy the bass.I'm a beginner so call it beginers luck i you will, but others are catching ish too. The bass are biting on spoons,believe it or not, and plastics.And the bluegill are biting on chuncks o worms, millworms,and even cunks o worn out(brown,sot) plastics. I you can try ishing down here some time and some advice ''by all means do not ish in the new river" it's suadge rom Mexixco lowing downhill into the salten sea 'highly toxic'oh and don't eat what you catch rom the salten sea.You'r likely to get sick.And the canals down here are polluted by insectaside in ield water run-o. But youll catch big catish in the major canals.
    City: El centro, 92243

    Tips: sh; / peakseason; / lure's/bait / / bass / May-early,Sept / spoons,bussards, / / rattletraps. / / cat's / any day/night / chunck velveta / / cheese,night / / crawlers,bloodbait. / / bluegill/ may-early sept / chunks o night / / crawlers,millworms,or / / small sot brown / / plastics.