3 Ways to Wack 'Em at Naci in Winter | BBT Lake Blast

Best Bass Tournament is back with another wintertime lake blast. This time from Lake Nacimiento.

The lake will be the site of the 2018 kick-off for the BBT Coastal Region on January 20th. 

Current weather conditions at Naci see daytime temps in the high 60’s to low 70’s with sunny to partly cloudy skies. Perfect for a day of fishing.

Following a rainfall total to date of 2.87 inches, as of this morning the lake is at 42 percent capacity.


Likely patterns for this cold weather trip, would be a dropshot or darthead presentation. They are some of the best techniques to catch spotted bass during this time of year.

For the guys that like a little more smell on their baits to attract some attention in the cooler water, the Berkley MaxScent will be a perfect plastic to use on these rigs. The do stink – stink pretty! For this colder presentation, the Hit Worm would be a good choice as it has a more subtle appearance and no curl to the tail, which can be too much for the cold water presentation.

The KVD-Fat Baby Finesse Worm is another option that could be successfully used on these presenations.

With its scent and its salt, The General is also a good wormin’ option.

Dropshotting wacky-style, Neko-rigged or rigged weightless in the morning or on the shady side of the lake are all potential productive methods.

These presentations are more versatile for rugged style terrains, areas where a jig may get hung up.

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Dragging a jig with a Chunk trailer or a Bearded CrazyLeg Chigger on a football head (as it’s own entity) on sloping banks or flat-style banks, where the fish can move up and down – areas where they can acclimate easily to the fall and rise of the lake, like when there is rain.

For example, if a fish is on a sloping bank in 15-feet of water and there is a drop of 5-feet in the water level, the fish easily moves along the bank to its comfort level at 15-feet. You simply move along the bank to the 15-feet mark and you’re back on your fish.

Sloping banks are also easy to fish the jig and remain in bottom contact.

On the contrary, if a fish was on a rockpile in 15-feet of water and the lake drops 5-feet, the rockpile is in now in 10-feet. The fish now has to move off the rockpile to find the 15-feet zone. It moves and your fish is gone.  

Colors for your plastics can be matched to the bait style in the water – a craw or a shad patterned hue could work. Watch for clues to this.


A lot of times, these fish will congregate near the wooded area. This is also an area where the fish can move up and down, along the wood. Choosing a lure that can run the wooded area, while deflecting off it, will be a good choice to force a strike.

The Dredger can be used in these scenarios. The deflection is the most important part of the presentation to give the illusion that the potential bass’ meal is injured. A mid-range crank that will reach the expected predominate strike zone depth of 14-feet would be a good choice.


Remember with your Lowrance unit, you can do a lot of ‘pre-fishing from your home. Bring up the lake, look it over, locating the creek channels and creek beds before you leave the house. This will make for a lot less running around while you are at the lake, which in turn adds to the fishing time.

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Naci will be the site of the 2018 kick off for the BBT Coastal Region on January 20th.  The launch for this event will be at the Main Ramp. Sign-ups will begin two hours prior to launch and be held in the main parking lot of the lake in front of the fish cleaning station at 5 a.m the morning of the event.  More Nacimiento info and Registration.

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Launch: Main Ramp

Sign-Ups will start at 5 a.m. before blast off in the main parking lot infront of the fish cleaning station.

Register for Naci.

Also on January 20, the Mother Lode Region will blast off for their season-opener at Lake McClure. Barretts North will be the site of the launch. Sign-ups will start two hours before blast-off in the parking lot. More McClure info and Registration.