Fishing Through the Smoke at Camanche

Fishing Camanche This Week Aug 22

Me and my buddy Jon finally had a chance to get out and do some fun fishing, so we went out to Camanche to see what was going on.

As you all know, the heat has been terrible so we decided to hit the water early and fish until about 11:00. You will see from the pictures the sky was smoke filled and the sun was a red dot through the smoke if you looked at the one with the motor. It made everything feel overcast.

With the clarity at about 6’ and the surface temperature at 83 degrees, we decided to start on some rock piles in about 10’ of water. After about 30 minutes with we hadn't gotten a bite. So we started running main lake points with a Berkley Cane Walker top water bait and a Frenzy Nail with a Zoom green pumpkin Trick Worm for a bottom bait. We used Straight Gamma torque braid on the topwater becase we were making long casts and braid is better for that. We used Braid with Gamma fluorocarbon leader on the Nail. When I fish a Nail I like a leader so I can feel the bites better and also when I use a leader I can change line size more quickly if the bite gets more finicky.


It didn’t take long before we started catching fish. We would catch 1 or 2 fish per spot. It seemed like the key was to stay on the move.

I hope this helps. Good luck fishing,

Stan Lafever