Bass Angler's Repair Toolbox | Rod, Reel and Tackle Quick Fix on the Water

#FBF to On the water Rod Tip Replacement and Rod Guide Repair

Boaters should always have a selection of tools for emergency repairs while on the water. I do; but I also carry a toolkit for repairs on my rods, reels and tackle.

It can be easy to replace a rod tip, oil a reel, pick a bad backlash or sharpen hooks, if you are prepared with a bass angler's repair kit.

Rods can break at the tip or have an insert fall out; either of these can quickly ruin your day. I have rods that can be used for multiple techniques, but losing your favorite jig rod or dropshot rod can affect how you fish.

Rod Tip Replacement or Rod Guide Repair

The good thing is that replacing a rod tip can be done in minutes, almost as fast as switching a reel to a different rod or retying another setup. All it takes is a lighter to heat the old glue and remove the tip. Replacing the tip is easy with either rod building tip glue or superglue. I carry a selection of replacement tips and use what I need to get fishing again without losing the use of a rod.

My repair toolkit is in a small tackle box and holds everything I might need in one place; so I don't have to search for everything.

In addition to rod and repair, I carry a few additional items:

  • Toothpicks for picking backlashes
  • Hook Sharpener
  • Superglue and Mend-It
  • Spare batteries for scale
  • Portable line spooler
  • FlipClips for deep fish
  • Fizzing needle
  • Reel lube and repair tools