ABA Team Tournament Paybacks

Given the almost daily increase in gas prices we as tournament anglers need to closely look at who we spend our tournament dollars with in order to maximize our opportunity to receive a check at the events we fish in on a regular basis. With that thought in mind I seriously doubt that you will find any other team organization in the West today that pays a greater percentage of teams per event than ABA as shown in the list below. I do not know if you all review the results of the ABA team tournaments closely on a regular basis but you should since it points out the fact that our average payback as it pertains to the number of teams that walk away from each event is normally over 25% of the field. Some recent examples of the payback percentages of the entire field include the following events:

Diamond Valley 4/9/06 - 30% of the field Payback! 11 Teams out of 36 Teams got a check Lake Casitas 4/8/06 - 30% of the field Payback! 7 Teams out of 23 Teams got a check Inland Empire 4/15/06 - 28% of the field Payback! 6 Teams out of 21 Teams got a check Lake Castaic 11/19/05 - 28% of the field Payback! 8 Teams out of 28 Teams got a check The list goes on and on

So vote with your hard earned dollars and just enter and compete in the best and oldest currently existing team tournament circuit in the west - American Bass.

See you at the lake!


Mike Moffitt