Angler's Choice - Valentines Day Folsom Lake 2-14-04

The weather had been clear and bright the week prior to our Valentines Day Folsom Lake event. But the cloud cover rolled in and a few sprinkles of rain dampened the ground on Saturday morning. This may even perk up the fishing. Rumor had it that the bite was a tough one on Folsom Lake.

The parking lot of the Folsom IHOP was still a bit wet when we pulled in. Brenda and the rest of the IHOP staff were all smiles as they welcomed the anglers. Even IHOP’s new manager, Robert, was on hand to hear a few fishing stories. Once again the anglers received Jim Dandy Bait sample packs courtesy of Dennis Larison of California Tackle. Each angler also received a raffle ticket for the gift certificates to be given away at the awards ceremony.

With all 21 paid teams registered and boat number 20 drawn as the first boat out. It was time for the short 5-mile drive to Brown’s Ravine. The weather was getting nicer! No wind and patchy cloud cover! And the lake as smooth as…….glass! The only ripples were that of the boat wakes as the teams sped off to fill their livewells!

Right on time anglers returned to the docks of Brown’s Ravine. It was a “Drive-by Weigh-in” with one team member coming to the scales and the other on the trolling motor following along the dock. Once weighed in the anglers would then release their fish on their way back to trailer their boats. Thanks to Ken Christiansen and the staff of Folsom Lake Marina for making it possible!

The fishing did prove to be tough. The average limit, of which there were only 9 brought to the scales, was averaging about 8 pounds. But Tom and Shane Peirson’s limit settled on 10.45. The crowd cheered for them raising the bar. But Shane wasn’t too confident as there were still a lot of good anglers yet to weigh-in. He shouldn’t have worried, their weight held out to the end. Tom and Shane took home 1st place 84 Lumber sponsored plaques along with $1140 1st place prize and $65 in option cash. Shane also said they did use the Jim Dandy sample baits and they also received a $100 California Tackle gift certificate for being the highest finishing team in the money using the Jim Dandy baits. Plus a $50 California Tackle certificate for catching the biggest fish of the event using a Jim Dandy bait.

Just a _ pound away with 9.97 for four fish was Dean Babcock, who fished alone, his second place winnings were $570 along with $65 option money and 84 Lumber plaques. Dean also earned a lifetime warranted California Tackle spinning reel, an assortment of RoboWorm Products, a team set of the EZ-Cull-RZ floating rope culling system, an assortment of custom hand tied finesse jigs and a jar of Craw-Cane powdered fish attractant for the 2nd Big Bass of the event, a 3.52 Spotted bass.

Steve Geffs and Kelly Owen brought in 5 fish that weighed 9.59 good enough for 3rd place $335, $65 in option money and 84 Lumber plaques. Steve said they used the Jim Dandy worms in green watermelon to help fill their limit. They received a $50 California Tackle certificate for bring the 2nd highest finishing team in the money using Jim Dandy baits.

John Maes and Tim Macy netted $270 and 84 Lumber plaques for their 4th place 9.49 limit.

Fifth place and winners of our Lucky S.O.B. (Son of a Bass) one spot out of the money option went to Gene Kindy and Bill Curtsinger for their 9.35 limit. They received 5th place 84 Lumber plaques as well.

Craig Kraft and Nick Grebb’s 6th place limit of 8.88 got them each a $25 Just Fishin’ certificate courtesy of David Yates of Just Fishin’ Boats. Big Bass of the event went to Ken Hicks. He and his partner only caught one fish! It WAS the one fish to catch. Ken’s 3.64 Spot earned him $210, a Competitive Edge wrap-around worm/jig rod and an 84 Lumber Big Bass plaque! With the awards and check giving completed it was time for the raffle.

But wait! My nephew Jerame gets a call on his cellphone! Alana, his fiancee is on her way to the hospital! She’s having labor pains and the baby is coming! Good thing Sutter Hospital is just on the other side of the lake. They both met in the parking lot at the same time! They are now the proud parents of a 7.7 pound 19” baby boy delivered at 5:22 on Valentine’s Day 2004. What a precious Valentine’s Day gift for them both!

With tickets in hand the anglers eagerly awaited the numbers to be called. Bill Cowan won a $20 IHOP gift cerificate. Both Ron Diacon and Dan Eckhart each won a Sonny’s Electric Marine trolling motor tune-up certificate, a $120 value. Eddie Fletcher won a 12-pack of XS energy drink, the energy drink with NO CARBS, NO SUGAR and a great taste.

Thanks to Frank Nomura, the manager of the Folsom Mimi’s Café, Eric Parra won a $30 Mimi’s Café gift certicate. Eric also received a heart shaped box of See’s candy to go with that gift certificate. I told him this box of See’s candy had _ the calories of a regular pound box of See’s candy. That’s because it was only a _ pound box of See’s candy! What a great way to end a Valentine’s Day event!