Another Exceptional Trip to El Salto in the Book

Another Exceptional Trip to El Salto in the Books

OK, at this point we may be a little bit spoiled. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been to Anglers Inn properties at Lake El Salto and Lake Picachos. What’s amazing is that despite the fact that the service, the food and of course the fishing remain exceptional, we manage to get wowed again on each subsequent trip. We were there from June 12 through 19, under exceptionally low water conditions, and to say that the fish cooperated would be an understatement. Yes, we had some “grandes” in the mix, but the real showstoppers where the ridiculous numbers of 3-6 pounders. We caught them on topwaters, soft plastics, crankbaits, swimbaits and spinnerbaits, among other presentations. We caught them early and we caught them late. Most importantly, we enjoyed the company of 14 great friends. We even hosted a wedding!

If you have not been, you simply need to go. It is the most affordable, most accessible, most universally enjoyable trip an angler (or even a non-angler can take). Email Hanna today if you’d like to get details. We’re hosting a big group in January and will likely go back this time next year, but she can book you at any time.