Attraxx baits with Sci-X feeding stimulant relaunched

Jobu Outdoors has rebranded and repackaged the Attraxx soft baits containing the Sci-X feeding stimulant.

After acquiring the two brands earlier this year, the Denver, Colorado, company has revamped the Attraxx website, introduced new logos, upgraded packaging and introduced more effective messaging through a social media presence and educational support materials.

New and improved saltwater and freshwater baits will be released in the spring of 2013 containing higher concentrations of the chemical compounds found in the patented formulas, improving on what were very effective soft baits.

Attraxx is a specially designed composite material that is not afflicted by the same weaknesses as other soft baits. It does not dry out because it is treated inside and out. Instead of getting weaker when it leaves the bag it starts working when it hits the water.

More importantly, the Attraxx composite performs one very special function beyond that of a standard soft bait. It is engineered to act as a high-tech continual release delivery system for the Sci-X.

Doug Long, founder of Jobu Outdoors says that Sci-X is the most powerful feeding stimulant introduced to the world of fishing. “It’s a bold claim that we do not take lightly,” said Long. “But we know it’s accurate because we have the scientific results of decades of research and testing to back it up.”

Not one to leave the proof strictly in the hands of science, Long added: “We may hang our hat on science, but we earn our keep on the water where results confirm it.”

Sci-X is the result of an investment of millions of dollars and decades of research and testing at the Louisiana State University (LSU) by Dr John Caprio, one of the world’s leading experts in fish behaviour relating to chemosensory neurobiology.

Integral to the development of Sci-X is the science of chemosensory stimulation, which is also one of the cornerstones to understanding how fish taste food. They process water soluble chemicals through their sense of taste and smell and are highly sensitive to specific combinations of these compounds.

Not only did the research provide an insight as to which compounds the fish are attracted, but also to which compounds they are averse. Sci-X contains only those that are scientifically proven to produce the most aggressive feeding response in fish.

Attraxx with Sci-X is set to be available as a premium product at select retailers throughout the US for a MRSP of $7.99.