Available from: Fish Monkey Fall/Winter Catalog

Fish Monkey Fall/Winter Catalog Available


Add incremental fall and winter fishing sales with high performance, cold weather fishing gloves from Fish Monkey, the number one name in the fishing glove game.

  • Largest assortment of fall/winter fishing-specific gloves
  • Advanced construction, state-of-the-art-materials
  • Gloves to cover everything from ice fishing to cool weather, open water fishing

Wooly Half Finger - We’ve improved this iconic glove!

A new spin on an old favorite, we’ve taken the half finger wool glove, known for keeping your hands warm when they get wet, and added a synthetic leather palm for a superb wet grip and extra protection

Yeti Ice Fishing Glove - The first high-performance, extreme-cold ice fishing glove!

There are many cold weather gloves out there, but none are designed specifically for ice fishing. Yeti gives you the dexterity needed and the warmth required, plus a built-in goggle squeegee, nose wipe thumb panel, touchscreen fingertip and pre-curved fingers.


Stealth Dry-Tec - Not just waterproof, but water-shedding, too! NEW!

This is the glove we fishermen have always wanted. It's completely impervious to water (not just waterproof, but water-shedding, too) yet lightweight and not bulky (just the right amount of insulation). Keeping your hands totally dry helps to keep them warm and nimble.