Bass Fishing Superstar Kevin VanDam Reveals the Secret to His Competitive Edge

(PRWEB) April 6, 2005 -- "Adding yards to your casting distance is now instantly available to every fisherman." Kevin VanDam says his Professional Line & Lure Conditioner will do that and more, without the oily feel associated with other line treatments. Three or four pumps from the spray bottle will treat a 200-yard spool of line and one bottle will provide over 100 treatments.

"The conditioner virtually eliminates line friction which is a major contributor to backlash on bait casting reels and blow-ups on spinning reels," says VanDam. "It is extremely effective at reducing stiffness in fluorocarbon lines."

The environmentally safe ingredients also prevent corrosion on hooks and reduces bacterial odors in tackle boxes and storage areas. The high-tech polymers in Line & Lure also adds a dust-repelling, scratch resistant coating that reduces glare and minimizes water spotting on sunglasses and fish finder screens. For more information, go to, or contact RMR Industries LLC at (972) 221-9797.