Bassin' Japan

My quest for catching bass has taken me all over the world. Now I am in Japan. I love this country! My new friend Masahito Takagi is taking me to Lake INBA to go fishing. Can you say that I am so excited!

We arrive after a nice drive and I am so happy. The lake is covered in fog and it is cold. All I can see is sticks and cover for the bass to hide in the cold muddy water. I am now more excited than ever. After watching the rest of the sun rise we start our journey to catch bass. Did I tell you it was cold! The lake reminds me of bass fishing in Northern California. The lake looks like the California Delta in some areas and then other areas look much like Lake Shasta. In our boat is Masahito Takagi and Atsushi Miyamoto.

I am very surprised to see the lake is so shallow. We start out flipping and pitching jigs and worms. I use the new Gary Yamamoto Flippin Hog in Black and Blue with a 3/16oz weight. Atsushi Miyamoto tells me that the bass fishing is super tough this time of the year. If you catch one bass you are doing great, two bass and you are the king and if you catch a third bass in one day you are the best. I was ready for that first bass. After all, my quest has brought me to Japan.

After a while with no bites I switch up colors on my Yamamoto Flippin Hog to Water Melon with Black Flake and I decide to slow my approach down. After all the water is very cold and the bass are tough to catch here.

I am still amazed with the beauty of Lake INBA. The lake is very nice in size and it offers us many fishing spots. We try a few different spots to fish and no one is catching a bass.

I did not see any bass on my trip this time. I know next time I will conquer my quest to catch a bass in Japan. I think Lake INBA must be a very good lake in the spring time. I can’t wait to come catch the bass. During the spawn sight fishing can be down on this muddy water lake!

Watch out bass, I will catch you!

I was so happy to meet everyone at the Boat House that is from NAB-21. I really hope I can fish the first stage of NAB-21 this next year. I hope to fish in Japan as much as possible and keep my quest for bass alive!

See you next time.

Kevin Johnson