BBT Lake Blast | Down Baits in Deep Water for Late Winter at McClure

McClure will be the kick off for the BBT Mother Lode Region on January 20. For those looking to hit the waters of Lake McClure in late January, Best Bass Tournaments BBT offers this Lake Blast.


Conditions are forecasted to change through the week. Although the chance of rain decreases to only 10 percent for next weekend, with mostly sunny skies, the air temps are expected to drop 15 degrees, with an anticipated high of only 50 degrees during the peak of the day with the nighttime low dropping to just above freezing.

This could change the fish position and anglers will likely have to target deeper areas to get the bite.


With the focus on down baits (vertical presentations) - jigs, dropshotting and wormin’ would all be a recommendation.

Last week, we talked about dropshotting the temperature break.

Minnow imitations such as the  Max Scent Flatnose Minnow from Berkley would still be a top suggestion for this week. Our dropshot rigging would include the Trapper Tackle Dropshot/Finesse Hook (Video Below from a Mother Lode Trapper Dropshot Trip) and 8-pound Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon (pictured to the right).

Bass are being consistently found in 25- to 70-feet. They could be deeper with the temperature drop

Again, the strike zone should be considered at the temperature break and using your Lowrance to find the thermocline could help develop a pattern.

A week ago, the big bass at 4.64 was found using a Ned Rig in the afternoon, from 25-feet of water, off of a steep, rocky point.

Also successful last week, at the lake, were jigs on ultra-steep walls, in depths to 25-feet and rockplies in 40– to 70-feet.

Throughout the day, the shaky head was productive in 10- to 30-feet depths and also on the same rockpiles that sat in 40- to 70-feet.

Suggestion for plastics would also include a subtle worm (without tail curl, which can be too much action in a cold-water presentation). The Hit Worm fits this description as well as the KVD-Fat Baby Finesse Worm.

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Launch: Barretts North

Sign-Ups will start two hours before blast-off in the parking lot.

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Also on January 20, the Coastal Region will blast off for their season-opener at Nacimiento. Sign-Ups will start at 5 a.m. before blast-off in the main parking lot in front of the fish cleaning station.

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