Big Bite's Stick Tail new addition to Trick Stick Family

The Stick Tail is a new addition to the Trick Stick family. Have you ever wanted a stick that offered you a little bit more action when the bite gets tough? The new Stick Tail may be just the bait that you have been waiting for.

The difference between a Trick Stick and the Stick Tail is the added ringed tail section. This addition helps give the Stick Tail a subtle shimmy action on the fall. The action is greater than a regular Trick Stick, thus getting you more bites in tough conditions.

The Stick Tail can be rigged either Texas or Wacky style but will also excel when rigged and fished on a jig head. The Stick Tail is also great when used on a drop shot.

The Stick Tail is 6” long, but features the body of a 5” stick. It is available in eight of Big Bite’s top fish catching colors.

Big Bite is the premier choice of fishermen in both saltwater and freshwater for soft plastics. When you are looking for a Big Bite on the end of your line then use Big Bite Baits.

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