Billfish... How many can you handle?

How Many Billfish Can YOU Handle???

Every evening, the good folks at Casa Vieja Lodge fill out a board next to the bar with the name of each boat that went out that day, along with the number of sailfish that came into their spread, how many bit, and how many they released. The board also lists “additional” species like marlin, tuna and mahi.

We’ve now gone twice, and fished a total of six days and released an amazing 81 sailfish. That doesn’t even raise eyebrows down there.

Whether you’re a billfish expert or a complete novice, consider joining us in February of 2022. We’re excited to all of you who’ve already booked a space on our trip, and we’d love for more of you to try it out. Email us at if you have any curiosity, or just to avoid missing out on this epic experience.

Set Your DVR

Be sure to check out the Local Knowledge television show this Sunday, May 9, on the Discovery Channel. They filmed at Casa Vieja with Captain David Salazar. It promises to be epic.