BSX Fish Activator

Natural sounds stimulate fish feeding

Here is yet another product preview from the 2005 ICAST/Las Vegas show. This time we're focusing on the most innovative new product I found at the show and that is the BSX™ Fish Activator. Truly amazing!

If you were a fish, you would already be familiar witht eh sounds of a BSX™- after all fish listen for sounds of distressed bait in the water. It only makes sense that when a fish hears other predator fish feeding, it knows it's time to eat before some other fish eats the food in it's territory

Now fisherman can add signature sounds of prey species and attacking predator fish to their fishing gear. These natural sounds can be played through an underwater speaker that comes with the BSX™ Fish Activator.

Fish respond to a variety of stimuli depending on numerous factors and conditions. For example, when a bass hears other bass feeding it instinctively becomes more competitive. Since it inception, BSX™ has combined its efforts with other sonic research studies. The studies include work conducted by Dr. Loren Hill, Director of Zoology and The Biological Research Center at the University of Oklahoma.

BSX™ unprecedented research findings, confirmed earlier tests results by Dr. Hill that demonstrated the powerful effects of naturally occurring sounds. The "signature sounds" were shown to be highly effective for attracting and raising activity levels of bass, crappie, stripers. walleye, pike, catfish, in-shore saltwater fish as well as other game fish.

Testimonials have come from a wide variety of sources but consider what Kevin VanDam, current BASSMASTER Classic champion had to say about the unit. "Being skeptical of new products I gave the BSX a thorough testing. Without a shadow of a doubt it has improved my catch rate. I am 100% positive BSX has helped me catch more fish and helped me win the Elite 50 championship."

The BSX™ underwater speaker can be deployed in several different ways depending on the application. It's ideally suited for fishing from land, pier, dock, boat or ice fishing. The unit comes with a float to adjust the depth of the speaker and many boat fisherman find it convenient to simply mount the speaker to the top of the boat's trolling motor foot.

A highly durable, waterproof Pelican® case serves as a rugged shield of protection for the BSX™ unit. The BigFoot® remote switch provides the angler a play-pause option while keeping both hands free to fish. Field testing has shown that intermittency is a trigger mechanism for stimulating fish to feed.

Also, the compact flash media card slot give the BSX™ expandable effectiveness. Users will be able to increase their library of sounds as new ones are perfected to target more species in fresh and salt water.

Another advantage of this system is that it is among the most environmentally friendly technologies ever. The unit produces no air, water or noise pollution and will even help reduce bank erosion. Instead of firing up the motor and racing from hole to hoe, BSX™ equipped fisherman will spend more time fishing, fishing more effectively, and less time burning up gas and time constantly searching for so-called "biting fish'.

Former Fisheries Biologist and BASSMASTER Classic winner Ken Cook noted, "I'm convinced that the BSX™ unit creates an environment immediately around my boat, that is more conducive to bass feeding activity and thus, more strikes for me."

Experience the sounds of fish feeding at: or call 1-800-633-4861 for more information.