Christmas List for a Bass Angler - 2013

Once again it's that time of the year when we start thinking about everyone we love and begin planning what to get them for Christmas.  Oh, who the heck am I kidding?  It's time to start thinking of what we are going to ask for to fill our tackleb... I mean, stockings this Christmas.

They say that this is a time for giving, but us all being bass anglers, we tend to steal each others' fishing spots anyway, so why shouldn't we be selfish and forget that the Christmas spirit is supposed to be about giving and make sure we get what we need.

So, here is my letter to Santa for 2013.  Again, feel free to just copy and paste, because I know you all want what I want anyway, I have waived my copyrights for this one article.  Besides each time you share this, it might increase my chances that my friends and family might see this and ship me the items on it.

Dear ___________ (insert one here - Family Member, Friend, Fan),
From: Dan O'Sullivan
Re: Christmas List

It is that time of the year again where you need to start thinking about how you are to bless me with a quality item for Christmas.  It has been a year since you have thought of this kind of endeavor, so, I decided to just provide you a checklist of items that you should consider when ordering items to honor me this year.

Before I begin, I must say that last year was a little bit of a disappointment overall.  I had thought that, in most instances, you would be able to ask your local retailer for the items, and merely send them to me.  Oh well, I guess they might have been out of stock.  You can try again this year.

The first item that I really could use would be the new HydroWave Mini.  Yes, I do have a full scale HydroWave on the bow of my boat, but when I fish as a co-angler or when I go pond fishing, having the HydroWave Mini could make a huge difference in my ability to test products effectively.

The second item is the new Buck Knives Splizzors inspired by Elite Series pro Bill Lowen.  The Splizzors is truly unique, has a bunch of features and actual functions built into the tool.  I would go purchase one for myself, but at $79, they would cut into my lure budget enough that I think it's best for you to send them to me as a gift, instead.

One of the other items that would be great is a 12-inch TH-Marine Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate.  The Atlas is great; because it is self contained, and it will help my boat perform more efficiently, including getting out of the hole faster.

I really need about five or six new reels, and the new Lew's BB1 Pro is the baddest reel available, today.  I need four in the 7.1:1 speed and two in the 6.4:1 retrieve speed for a variety of retrieves.  While I have it listed fourth here on the list, it may be the most important piece on this list.

I truly need to fix up my tow vehicle. I have tried to keep operating with my 13-year-old tow vehicle; because it is paid off, and it allows me to put more fuel into my boat as opposed to wasting money on a tow vehicle payment.  I would love to have you deliver all of the parts to my shop, it would probably be easier if you would just get me a gift certificate to CS Motorsports; the business of Elite Series Pro Britt Myers in North Carolina.  Britt and his crew will really fix up the old Dodge and save me from having to fit in a new truck payment.

Of course if you would really like to, I could use a fully funded gas card, money for entry fees and expenses as well.  I realize that asking for cash is kind of taboo, but sometimes you have to take the approach of "if you don't ask, you won't receive," so, I'm asking.

I hope this gives you some ideas, and remember that I am one of the most important people in your world, and you will feel better about yourself for making me pleased this Holiday season.


and oh yeah, Merry Christmas.