Clay Dyer deal with SPRO and Gamakatsu

Dyer Signs with SPRO and Gamakatsu

Veteran competitive angler and motivational speaker Clay Dyer announced that he's entered into a sponsorship deal with SPRO and Gamakatsu.

"Clay Dyer is an inspiration to all anglers," said Syd Rives, national sales and pro team manager for SPRO/Gamakatsu. "His positive attitude, humble demeanor and great personality make him a great ambassador for the SPRO and Gamakatsu brands. We are looking forward to working with Clay for many years to come."

Said Dyer: "Having Started fishing over 35 years ago, I caught my first bass on a Gamakatsu hook. Now competing against the best in the world, I believe SPRO and Gamakatsu’s products will allow me the edge that I need to put winning bass in my boat with championships on the line. I’m truly blessed and humbled that Sid Rives and SPRO/Gamakatsu offered me the opportunity to represent the legendary company they are. Their company morals, top quality lures and hooks were a no brainer in partnering with them. I’m very excited about the opportunity to work closely with them on product design and input."