It’s Time to Catch a Great Deal on a Quality, American-Made Cousins Rod

Serious fishermen want rods built with the finest materials, components and American craftsmanship. They also want a great deal. The folks at Cousins Tackle Corporation of Huntington Beach, California know this, and have launched an aggressive rebate program to give anglers both.

Kicking off April 10, 2014 and running all summer through Labor Day (September 1) Cousins’ new All American Instant Rebate gives customers who purchase a new Cousins rod a substantial cash back rebate, right on the spot. It couldn’t be easier — there are no forms to fill out, websites to log onto or months spent waiting by the mailbox.

This rebate program is running concurrently with new, limited-time pricing adjustments that give authorized dealers greater flexibility when selling Cousins rods. Combine reduced pricing at the dealer with a cash rebate to the customer based on sale price (before tax), and you’re looking at a great deal on a premium quality, American-made rod during this promotion.

“We know we build the finest quality fishing rod in the country,” said Cousins Tackle CEO Bill Buchanan. “And our customers know this too, once they get their hands on a rod and fish it. We want to make it easier for dedicated fresh and saltwater anglers to purchase their first Cousins rod, and feel the difference for themselves. When you stack our product up against ‘high-end’ imports and even other American-made brands — in action, quality, fit and finish, durability — there is really no comparison,” added Buchanan.

This promotion, added Buchanan, is timed help anglers gear up for the fishing seasons ahead — whether it’s spring bass, Sierra trout, coastal seabass, island yellows or the highly anticipated return of summer bluefin tuna offshore.

To sweeten the deal, Cousins Tackle will be inviting every customer who buys a new Cousins rod to a special Customer Appreciation Day this fall, with guided factory tours, food, refreshments and more. The date for this event will be announced soon through dealers, the company’s website and social media channels. “We’re very proud of our product, our people and our factory,” said Buchanan. “We’re a family-run company, and as far as we’re concerned, everybody who buys a Cousins rod is part of the family. We are excited about hosting our customers as a ‘thank you’ and providing an exclusive, inside look at how we build our blanks and rods. And unlike some other California-based rod companies, fishermen won’t need a passport to visit our factory,” quipped Buchanan.

For more information about the Cousins All American Instant Rebate program, or the company’s complete line of premium quality, American-made rods for fresh and saltwater fishing, contact Cousins Tackle Corporation at (714) 893-0423 or visit