Do You Have a Spot Reserved?

Do You Have a Spot Reserved?


We’re freshly back from another great trip to Anglers Inn El Salto. We had an amazing group, with old friends and newcomers, everyone sharing a lot of laughs and everyone ending up with sore thumbs (unless they let their guide handle all of the fish) from lots of big bass. The lake is in INCREDIBLE shape, and we stopped taking pictures of fish under 6 pounds after a while because it was more critical to get our lures back into the water ASAP.


So what’s the problem?


Well, the word has gotten out. Both lodges, at El Salto and Picachos, are remarkably full for most of next season. Essentially our entire group rebooked immediately for next June and there’s a shortage of rooms just about any time. In fact, January, February and March are pretty much GONE.

Accordingly, it goes without saying that if you’re looking to visit any Anglers Inn property during the upcoming season, email Hanna TODAY to get on the books or you’re likely going to miss out.


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