Doc Waters New Gear

Here is yet another product preview from the ICAST/Las Vegas 2005 show. Doc Waters Lure Company has some new and redesigned baits and hooks for the coming fishing season.

The new Shark Shank Hook is an innovative solution for today's soft plastics. Doc Waters took a conventional Extra Wide Gap hook and extended the shank and added two small barbs under the hook eye. The result is more "backbone" for your lure and a better bite on your bait to help keep it rigged. The extended shank also sets the hook point further back on your lure; a 2/0 Shark Shank Hook has about the same hook position as a 3/0 hook-great for catching those pesky short-strikers!

The Shark Shank Hook coems in a black nickel or red finish. and is available in 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0 sizes.

Doc Waters new 4.5" Man-O-War Flippin' Tube has a solid head for easy rigging and the signature Doc Waters double spiral pattern on the body. The walls of the Man-O-War are thinner than conventional tubes to help increase the fisherman's percentage of hook-ups.

While these advancements set the lure apart, the most distinctive feature of the Man-O-War is the skirt. Like a jellyfish, the Man-O-War has inner and outer tentacles. The outer tentacles have a parachute profile to help keep them separated and flared out. The straight inner tentacles give a flash of color to the lure every time it is twitched.

The tube also has a solid head, which makes securing the lure easier for the fisherman. This bait is designed to accommodate up to a 5/0 hook, and is made from salted plastic. Doc Waters has added a new series of laminated tubes to provide an even greater color array.

And why not use the New Doc Waters Swivel Hook with the Man-O-War Flippin' Tube. Doc Waters uses their own custom Shark Shank Hook cast into a lead head with a SPRO 130 lb stainless steel swivel at the other end. This gives the new Swivel Hook more shank under the head for easy rigging. Two small barbs on the hook shaft help hold your lure in place. The result is reduced line twist, increased leverage when a fighting a fish and an erratic action to your lure.

For more information about these and other Doc Waters Lure Company products look on the internet at or call 1-866-DOC-LURE.