Drop Shotting vs. Reaction Baits

Ask Aaron Martens #TBT

Dear Aaron,
I was wondering from a pro like yourself when you go to a numbers lake like Oroville if you start to drop shot right away. Do you try any reaction baits before going to plastics?
Thank You

Great question Paul, "Yes I do like to use other search, reaction types baits to locate number of fish, also if there are fish busting early in the morning I will throw topwater baits. As a locator for the spots the compact 1/2 ounce spinnerbaits work well. I really look for patterns that imitate baitfish with small blades like those from Kanji or VPR. These small bladed baits can be worked fast and fall fast enough to be worked down to 20 feet deep easily."

Hi Aaron,
I enjoy following you on the bass circuits. Your doing great! I'm new to dropshotting. What size weights, hooks, and line do you use for this dropshotting? And, how do you stop the line twist?
Thanks, Rod Brown

Martens equipment is simple when drop-shotting, "I have been using Megabass spinning rods, 6'4" medium light and 6'10" medium actions. The reels Team Daiwa Z- Spinning reels unbelievable light weight and smooth". His line is probably the biggest surprise in this age of fluorocarbon simply Sunline co polymer in the four to eight pound variety. Martens line size and weight choices directly relate to the depth he is fishing.

Martens uses different sizes of tear-drop tungsten weights from Kenji International depending the line size and depth he is fishing the weight is so very important to keep good bottom contact. Recommended their Bullet style weights for shaking and other applications. Martens said, "I use up to 3/16 in the mid-depth range 15 to 40 feet with four-pound test". When going deeper than 40 feet Martens may use up to 3/8 of an ounce on the 6-pound line. "In shallow water less than 15 foot of water I'll use the 8-pound test and up to 3/8 ounce of weight" said Martens. "I often use the 8-pound line in the shallows with the heavier weight because of the heavier cover" added Martens.

Dear Aaron:
I am going to start using the Robo Worm 4-inch straight tail worm on my drop-shot rig. I am getting ready to order them from the Robo catalogue and I was wondering what colors work best? I fish Barkley and Ky. Lakes in Ky. I don't know if you have ever fished either lake or not but Barkley is pretty well stained water and Ky. Lake is clearer.
Thank You!
Richard Stevens

Richard there are three basic colors in Aaron's bag when it comes to drop shotting. The colors he choose directly relate to light penetration. " I'll choose to start in the morning often times with a color like Margarita Mutilator, when after the sun gets on the water go to the Aaron's Magic," said Martens. "In stained water I will often switch up from the drop-shotting technique and use more shaking with Margarita Mutilator and an Oxblood red.