Duke Gunnell and River2Sea’s Bully Wa 75 win Arkansas Big Bass Bonanza

Benton, Ark. – When the Arkansas Big Bass Bonanza began, Duke Gunnell and his partner, Dr. Hugh Burnett had in their grasps a dream of beating more than 2000 other anglers, and a supply of River2Sea Bully Wa 75 frogs.

When the tournament ended, the pair had the combination of an 8.14-pound Arkansas River largemouth bass and a Bully Wa 75; an equation worth $100,000.

“It feels really good to win this event after leading it a couple of times,” said Gunnell, a 45-year-old trucking company agent from Benton, Ark. “I though it was slipping out of my hands this year too, when I lost a big fish; but then, I caught the winning fish on Sunday (August 3rd, the event’s final day) in the Dumas Pool, on a white with yellow headRiver2Sea Bully Wa 75.”

Gunnell reported that he and Burnett drove to the Dumas pool, and then push poled their way through to the backwaters for nearly 20 minutes to get to their best area. “We had to work our way through the alligators and heavy cover to get there,” explained Gunnell. “But it was worth it.”

The Big Bass Bonanza said that he was making extra long casts with a GLoomis Flipping stick and 80-pound test Power Pro braided line across very heavy cover. “I made a spool emptying cast and she bit at the end of it,” Gunnell said. “She sucked it under, I set the hook, and the fight was on.”

Gunnell reported that the big bass buried itself in cover, and that he and Burnett had to slip their life preservers on and fire the big motor to move closer to the fish. However, as Gunnell kept pressure on his prized catch, she broke free from the cover, and he was able to wrestle her into the boat.”

“I was excited, and when I looked, she had both of those frog hooks buried into the roof of her mouth; she was hooked really good,” he said. “I pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten that bite without the larger sized frog,” he also said the design helped him land the $100,000 fish. “I know for a fact that no other frog would have landed her, those hooks are perfect for big fish, the lure made all the difference.”

Congratulations Duke, from your friends at River2Sea.

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