Engel introduces Express to fishing market

New to the paddle board fishing market is the Engel Express, a stand-up fishing board from Florida manufacturer, Engel USA. Long and sleek, the Express has a pronounced, pointed nose designed to minimise paddling effort over longer distances. The board’s length, combined with a wide deck (32 inches), provide a stable platform for casting and playing fish. Stability is further enhanced by the EVA memory foam used in the deck. Unlike heavier, foam-filled boards with thin exteriors that easily dent and crack, the outer walls of the Express are much thicker and stronger, says Engel. Yet the hollow construction results in less overall weight. In addition, the manufacturing process ensures a seamless finish, with no ugly joints between the top and bottom sections of the hull. The Express has multiple tie-down points and a lockable tackle storage compartment. It is compatible with the SUB Products Cooler and Live-Bait Aerator. A removable 10-inch fin and screw are included, while paddles, coolers and other accessories are sold separately. The Express is 12 ft 6 ins long by 32 ins wide and weighs 32lbs.